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The Ocean-Pelagial (2013)

Discussion in 'Album Reviews' started by Soot and Stars, Feb 15, 2014.

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    My favorite metal album of the year and a late surprise comes from the band The Ocean. I first saw this on an actual year end list the first thing that screamed out to me was the awesome album cover and when I heard the concept I was intrigued. The album actually is a progressive account of someone sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean with the album reflecting that in both music and psychological themes as well. I went to listen to the album only expecting to listen to the first track and be run off of a great concept with brazen guttural growls and lack of melody like a lot of modern metal. While there are guttural vocals involved the main vocalist sounds like Maynard James Keenan. My friend Lee said the album sounded closest to Opeth when he started listening to it and from what I've heard of Opeth I'd say that's a good comparison. Opeth seems to be one band with the guttural growl style that tapers it off with beautiful clean vocals and amazing instrumentals that it's brought over a ton of music listeners who are turn off of that type of metal otherwise. The Ocean is JUST like that. In fact, the album comes out with both a full version and an instrumental version. I love both as they both just take me away into an escape. The progressive metal mixed with other styles including sludge metal takes you from the fantastical and dreamlike to the murky, claustrophobic depths in one album. I really think this album is something crafted to be a classic and takes on a higher power for those who like to become a part of what they listen to! Highly recommended for any metal fan! :grinthumb

    Full Album & Full Instrumental Album

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