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The Jim Jones Revue – The Savage Heart (2012)

Discussion in 'Album Reviews' started by barton, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Nov 17, 2012
    Hi there, my first time trying my hand at an album review, hope I'm not in the wrong place or anything, anyway, without further ado:

    The Jim Jones Revue – The Savage Heart (2012)


    The beast is back. His previous offerings (2008's eponymous opener and 2010's barn-burning "Burning Your House Down") presented unrestrained sexuality, malevolence and wicked intent. While this latest instalment starts out with all that intense, sneering, cocksureness on tracks like “It's Gotta Be About Me” and “Never Let You Go”, I think the real story of the album starts to develop in songs like “Chain Gang” and “In and Out of Harms Way” in which this “savageness” recedes somewhat but never relinquishes, ever bubbling away behind a tempered facade, leaving it all the more unnerving and engrossing in the process as the threat/promise of it's eruption is ever present. The title track “Midnight Oceans & the Savage Heart” provides a good example of this new tempered almost uneasily gentle nature, bearing the sort of oddly sinister, gloomy tenderness that wouldn't be out of place in a David Lynch movie. While the news that a new album “shows another side to the artist” has always set off alarm bells for me, one needn't worry here as what is on offer is perhaps another facet to The Jim Jones Revue rather than an entirely new side, a nuanced tenderness that still manages to evoke the growl of raw beastliness beneath. This savage has a heart.
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