Some Girls - The Rolling Stones

Do you consider "Some Girls" on equal merits with "Beggars Banquet", "Let I

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Here for the cookies and the tunes
Jan 5, 2010
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The Land of Sky Blue Waters
Gotta be honest, I think that Beggar's Banquet is highly overrated. Couple of decent tracks, but no where near worthy of the accolades that some people give it. I'd take Some Girls over BB any day of the week, and twice on Sundays. Let It Bleed is a damn decent album, and is also far better than BB.

That being said, I voted yes, but with the caveat that it's better, not just "equal merits"

Nai Noswad

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Jul 17, 2019
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The lands of Marshall Stack.
Good post Lynch..and i respect your opine fully. Beggars for me was a real return to what got them started in the first place..blues. In 1968, things got grungy- flower power and all that ******** was kicked into touch. Loog got the bullet, Jimmy Miller twiddled the knobs ..allowing Mick and Keith a bigger say so also. That British Blues scene at the time was like the uk's answer to the delta. Steve Marriot and John Paul Jones helped on Beggars...and despite those tight wads at Albert House dictating cover designs-
Jigsaw Puzzle, Stray Cat Blues and Sympathy For The Devil remain firm era attatched songs. The run from Beggars to Exile is summat special.
Some Girls ...nowadays get tagged onto punk and disco...which is somewhat fair..Mick was giving it the shapes at the 54 with Bianca and Warhol etc...
Keith was just off the chemicals and Ronnie was still a great buffer/peacemaker between Bill, Charlie and the Glimmer Twins. Before They Make Me Run was an undoubted nod to Toronto and the door kicking Mounties. Miss You stands up well. Bill's basswork quite something. Some Girls was for me the last great stones album in concept, content and entirety. After that..i liked certain tracks and outtakes. I own some 470 Stones albums and come back to double re-issue of Some Girls quite often..the 2nd disc being on a fine bootleg from 1979 with Claudine, Think I'm Going Mad etc..I have seen the Stones in a club setting...that's where they really shine!
**** riding an inflatable in a football stadium is dire. I often listen to backroom powerhouse- that being Charlie & Bill...that's where the magic lays...when Mr.Watts finally goes- game over.

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