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R.L. Burnside

Discussion in 'Blues & Jazz' started by Green Rosetta, Jul 27, 2019.

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    Jul 25, 2019
    Couldn’t find a thread about this man so here is one :phones:

    R.L. Burnside (1926-2005)

    Mississippi blues musician Robert Lee Burnside was first recognised as a performer in the late 1960s, but came to international prominence in the 1990s, amongst albums like Too Bad Jim(1994) and A Ass Pocket of Whiskey(1996).

    Burnside had a powerful, expressive voice and played both electric and acoustic guitars. He has credited John Lee Hooker as one of his influences, and you can notice the similarities especially in the early recordings. His sound was raw but with a sense of humor.

    R.L. Burnside - Poor Black Mattie

    R.L. Burnside - See My Jumper Hanging On the Line
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