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Jan 5, 2010
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Can someone please leave simple instructions on how to post a youtube video? I read the instructions on an earlier post and tried it. I got as far as copying the code and then zip. I've never done it before but I'd like to learn because a lot of the threads that feature the videos look like a lot of fun and I'd like to join in. Thanks in advance for the help.

Bob, this is what I do and have been doing for as long as I've been on this site.

Go to youtube, find the vid that you want. There is a simple little area in the site address/URL that you can (should) highlight as you will see in the image found below. It is a group of random characters, numbers and/or sometimes special characters that define that very video.

It is everything between the ______ and the & sign that designates the end of that video name/definition
(as highlighted in the URL below)

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In the example shown, what you should do is highlight kxJBN_AHfas . you don't nee anymore more than this and anything ~less~ than this will be incomplete.

Just just copy that string of characters and paste it inbetween the youtube links that we use here at CRF:

ie: [ yt ]kxJBN_AHfas[ /yt ] <---- (without any spaces)

what you'll get is your video linked to the site like this:

Simple enough? :)

I do ask one thing of people when they post videos, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include the name of the artist and song title above (or below) the video. Youtube accounts get deleted, disabled, etc. People take down their videos for any variety of reasons. When users here on the forum post videos but do not include the name of the artist and song title, when that video breaks for any of the reasons listed above, we, the mod and admin team, are typically unable to fix the post. By that, I mean we can't go look up a working version of that song if we don't know what that song is. Does that make sense?

Anyone that is able to type in the artist and song title in a youtube search has already proven they are able to do the same when posting the video. Please help us maintain the site in including that with any/all videos posted. I'm not speaking only to you Mr Bob, but everyone! It is appreciated if you can do that.


^^^ click that video and let me know what you get?

If I hadn't included the artist+song right above the video link,
we couldn't fix the post. Since I did include the artist+song title,
we know can go look up a working version and make everyone's
browsing pleasure (hopefully) a little bit better.

Nazareth - Love Hurts

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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Feb 28, 2013
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An old thread, but I've been able to post YT vids using the full video URL in recent months/year.

Maybe due to the newer version of the software?

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Dec 8, 2010
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An old thread, but I've been able to post YT vids using the full video URL in recent months/year.

Maybe due to the newer version of the software?
New Software has made it easier for sure. Not having to manually do the YT tags and just use the media button.

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