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Dec 2, 2009
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"Post Death Soundtrack is the antithesis of today's music culture, creating thought-provoking music by weaving industrial, electronic, pop and rock sounds. Reflections of Darkness calls them "by no means music for simple minds", and calls their sound "indefinable". Style is less important than mood as they strive to encourage thought and communication on a deep level.

Currently a 4-piece, the band is Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore, Jon Ireson and Colin Everall. Post Death Soundtrack takes influence from the likes of The Beatles, Skinny Puppy, David Bowie and Dead Can Dance."

(Bio from Post Death Soundtrack: Official Site)

Post Death Soundtrack are probably my favourite band of the new decade, as well as one of the strangest in my entire collection. There really is no genre they can be slotted into, I haven't heard anything else like them in all my music listening history. They definitely won't be for everyone either, but to me they are fantastic, weaving beautiful melodies with dark and abrasive themes. The lyrics are often violent, sometimes political and always dark, and they use snippets of news and media into the music to accentuate these themes. Not that the atmosphere wasn't dark enough already, some of the instrumentation can only be described as grisly.

Even though they currently only have one album released, (A second is currently in the works) I highly recommend at least listening to it, I was sold after one run through. It's called Music As Weaponry and the whole album available for free stream on their aforementioned official website, as well as two tracks, The Pre-emptive Art and Euchrist free to download.

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Post Death Soundtrack aren't world famous, I doubt they're famous in their native Canada so all the support they can get will help! :grinthumb

As a bonus, here's a few songs not included on the website:

A promo vid:

The first single from their upcoming second album:

A discarded song from Music As Weaponry:

Happy listening! :grinthumb

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