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Performing Rights Organisation 'how composers get royalties'

Discussion in 'Musician's Corner' started by treborillusion, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Sep 7, 2016
    It is the middle ground
    PRO for short, every country has one, my PRO is called PRS for Music.
    All I needed to join PRS was fill out a membership form, post it off to Clapham (even though they're based in Streatham)!? - and send photocopies of my ID/passport or birth certificate to prove I was eligible to work in the UK and boom/hey presto 30 days waiting later I joined PRS for Music, in February 2012.
    Had my CAE number generated and everything; I have access to their database too which is pretty cool. - I can track down songs of my favourite artists that aren't released, and I sleep well at night in my YouTube covers that I've declared all my YouTube usages through PRS. When I joined it was a £30.00 (refundable if they said no) admin fee; last time I check it went up to £50.00 but once you've joined, you've joined for life.

    Because of some deal between my country and the United States 'back in the day, probably before the 1920s'.. - In the United States I use their one, and everywhere else in the world I use my one/PRS... America do things a little different to my country/The UK; America care about whether it's a stage musical or not; So whenever I register anything to PRS; it asks me;
    In the United States of America, who do you want to represent this?
    and I get 3 options; (1) ASCAP (2) BMI (3) Don't know/unsure.
    Since I'm not writing musicals, I always go for ASCAP.

    Have you joined your country's PRO? What is your country's PRO called (and is it also something else too)? (Each country though having one does it their own way; so - A country's PRO could also be it's patenting office).

    How do you feel about CAE numbers and the new IPI number that's replacing CAE?
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