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Apr 20, 2009
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I want to explain a new forum change to everyone before it takes place. This will give people a chance to voice their opinion in advance or to message me their thoughts and we can discuss them.

The games forum is an issue with a lot of members, myself included. When you log in, all you see are pages and pages of green “games” tags. The posts in the games forum buries any posts that are made in the music forums. This is a problem.

I want everyone to understand that this problem is not a personal attack against anyone. This decision is being made for the benefit of the forum. Classic Rock Forums is a music forum first and foremost. Posts that are made in music forums and threads should be what everyone who logs in views first.

Also of concern is what new members see when they sign up. Before they sign up, they see a music forum. After they sign up then log in, they see pages and pages of games. It is hard to keep new members when they think there is nothing going on here but games.

Beginning Wednesday, February 14, the games will no longer be on the “what’s new” list. The games forum is NOT CLOSING. It will always be here.

If you play the games, you will need to go to the games forum to find the threads you like to post in.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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