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Lost AOR Classics. Any others?

Discussion in 'Rock Lounge' started by coltrane2, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. LG

    LG Fade To Black

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Jorn Lande has been in many bands over the years, so I am including them too Martin. Masterplan is one of them, a German power metal band that he's done 3 albums with.
  2. coltrane2

    coltrane2 Musicologist

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    Dec 25, 2011
    Nice choices. Signal's Loud and Clear is criminally underrated as are most albums featuring Mark (Marcie) Free.

    Never heard of The Strand but will check em out.
  3. Big Ears

    Big Ears Music Lover

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    Jul 3, 2011
    Hampshire, England
    I understand Classic Rock Presents AOR magazine has come to an end after only six issues. It was expensive and difficult to obtain in any case. Anyway, here is their . . .

    Classic Rock Presents AOR Magazine's
    The A to Z of AOR

    A Alexa album by Swiss singer Alexa, produced by Paul Sabu (1989)
    B Bobby Kimballl lead singer with Toto
    C Channel album by LA band Channel, featuring Journey singer Robert Fleischman (1984)
    D Diane Warren and Desmond Child, songwriters
    E Everybody's Crazy album by Michael Bolton (1985)
    F Firefest at Rockcity, Nottingham (2011)
    G Giant album, Last Of the Runaways (1989)
    H Hugo Valenti, Steve Perry lookalike and lead singer with Valentine and Journey tribute band Evolution
    I Icons: Tom Scholtz and Boston, REO Speedwagon, Kansas, Ann & Nancy Wilson and Heart; Lou Gramm and Foreigner; Steve Perry and Journey
    J Jeff Scott Soto, representative talent, of Journey and Talisman. Also Dann Huff, Mark Mangold, Danny Vaughn and Jeff Paris
    K Keyboards (Geoff Downes, Jonathan Cain, Gregg Guiffria, Mark Mangold, Didge Digital and Michael Prince)
    L Loverboys's second album Get Lucky (1981)
    M Marcie Free, born Mark Edward Free, of King Cobra, Signal, Unruly Child and solo project
    N Night Ranger
    O Oliverian, an adjective from Derek Oliver of the Rock Candy record label
    P Power ballad
    Q Quintessential
    R Richard Marx
    S Paul Sabu of Kidd Glove and Only Child
    T Tyketto album Strength in Numbers, featuring Danny Vaughn (1994)
    U UK musicians and bands: Mick Jones, John Waite, Shy, Tobruk, Airrace, Strangeways and FM. FM albums Indiscreet (1986) and Tough It Out (1989)
    V Vocalists: Steve Perry, Lou Gramm, Brad Delp, Michael Bolton, Steve Overland, Danny Vaughn, Steve Augeri and Jeff Scott Soto
    W Wimpwire, a Kerrang! column by Derek Oliver
    X X album by Def Leppard, produced by John 'Mutt' Lange (2002)
    Y Y&T, formed as Yesterday and Today in 1974
    Z Richie Zito, guitarist and producer of Cheap Trick, Bad English, Heart and Eddie Money

    By Jon Hotten
    Classic Rock Presents AOR
    Issue 2, May 2011
  4. Rock Candy

    Rock Candy Rock 'n' Roll Doctor

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    Feb 21, 2011
    Space Station #5
    Thank you, I very much enjoyed your choices too! I have to plead ignorance on the Distance album, I can't say I'd ever actually heard of its existence before you mentioned it. Based on a few of the songs I've listened to on YouTube though, I'll have to correct that!

    The Strand album is effectively a "Toto Jr." scenario, I think it was basically Boz Scagg's then-current solo band with a different singer, the great Rick "Moon" Calhoun. Jeff Porcaro produced the album too, so if you're fan of early-mid 80s Toto, you'll be in for a treat. It was very hard to get until around a year ago, when it was reissued on CD for, I think, the first time ever.

    Just a Little More Time

    Children of the Night

    Can't Look Back (My favourite song on the album, I think Jeff Porcaro actually plays on this one)

    METALPRIEST Senior Member

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    Nov 28, 2009
    Anyone remember TORONTO ?????

    Head On

    Still Talkin' About Love

    Master Of Disguise


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