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Lindstrom & Christabelle (Official Thread)

Discussion in '2010's Music' started by Soot and Stars, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Lindstrom & Christabelle

    Lindstrom & Christabelle on MySpace
    Wiki Entry for Real Life is No Cool

    Here's a new male/female duo from Norway that I just discovered through Amazon.

    Their album

    Real Life Is No Cool (2010)


    Christabelle Sandoo - vocals and songwriting
    Hans-Peter Lindstrøm - songwriting, electronics, recording and mixing.
    Marita Sørlie - additional vocals on "Baby Can't Stop"
    Eivind Lønning - trumpet on "Baby Can't Stop"
    Erik Johanessen - trombone on "Baby Can't Stop"
    Knut Sævik - horn arrangements, additional mixing and recording
    Kim Hiorthøy - artwork

    is a collection of beat heavy dance pop songs. Some of the tracks veer towards retro disco while others keep a more modern flair even reminding me of industrial beats. Lindstrom makes the beats for vocalist Christabelle and the neat thing here is that a lot of the vocals are improvised at his suggestion. Here's some tracks:


    Let's Practise

    Music In my Mind

    Baby Can't Stop
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