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In Morpheus' Arms - Invisible Scope (OUT NOW!) Progrock/-metal

Discussion in 'Progressive Rock' started by kachsten, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. kachsten

    kachsten Junior Member

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    Nov 4, 2014
    Hi there,
    I'd like to present my ex-bands second album to you - you can stream it in its entirety for free or download it at bandcamp or CD Baby (see links below).
    Please see the last news message below - including all relevant information. Any feedback is welcome! :)

    We have split up – many thanks to everyone who was supporting us over the last 10 years! Our second album “Invisible Scope” has been digitally published for streaming and for download for 6€.
    It so happens we still have some copies of “Distrust the Mantra” to sell for 4€. If you’d rather like to download the album you can do so for 2€. Here is a quick overview to keep it simple:

    1. Both albums can be streamed for free at https://inmorpheusarms.bandcamp.com/ and https://soundcloud.com/in-morpheus-arms/sets
    2. Download “Invisible Scope” for 6€ at https://inmorpheusarms.bandcamp.com/album/invisible-scope
    3. Download “Distrust the Mantra” for 2€ at https://inmorpheusarms.bandcamp.com/album/distrust-the-mantra
    4. Order a copy of “Distrust the Mantra” for 4€ at [email protected] or for 6$ at In Morpheus' Arms | Distrust the Mantra | CD Baby Music Store. Both excluding shipping costs.

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