"I Keep Looking For That Sunset" - Can anyone identify this '70s rock song?


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Dec 14, 2020
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I heavily apologize if this is not the right place to be discussing this. Thousands of people have been looking (no pun intended) for any information about the title/author of this mysterious song for years now.

This snippet was taped off the radio from a Chicago, IL-area radio station back in the '70s. It's speculated that it likely was recorded from the early to middle 1970s.

This snippet of the song is all that we have. According to the original uploader of the song, it is a small part of a full-length-song that possibly broadcasted on WBBM-FM; If it's from the early '70s, then it would be during the time the station was branded as "Stereo 96 WBBM-FM".

In the latter case, if this song broadcasted in the middle '70s, then it would be during the era when the station was playing contemporary music but without the harder-edged titles.
The next most-likely source would be WXRT, also in Chicago.

According to the original uploader, he used to tape his favorite songs off the radio. Sometimes, he'd catch the full-song. In this instance, as he was listening to this song in particular, he realized it was a song he thought was great. Unfortunately, he only managed to hit the record button in time to catch the last 40-seconds of it.
Solving this case by identifying the title/author of this song would mean a lot to him.

In the current state, the song is almost entirely lost. Attempt(s) at identifying the song by throwing it through Shazam and other song-identifying apps proved fruitless.

- The first mention of the song dates back to early 2017.

- The genre is probably soft-rock or folk-rock.

- The OP is not sure if it's from a regional or a national band.

- The original uploader (ottertrack) doubts this was a commercial or a station jingle. He wouldn't have recorded the song if that was the case.

- He also heavily doubt this was part of a religious/Christian rock. Again, he wouldn't have recorded it if that was the case.

According to the original uploader, he would tape his most favorite songs off the radio. What probably happened here is that, while he was listening to this song, he realized that the song was surprisingly good, and pressed the "play" button in time to catch the last 50 seconds of the song.

The most widely accepted lyrics are "some are part of laughing and sometimes part of crying. We are part of it all. I keep looking for that sunset I don't know when it'll be". Due to the song being of such low-quality, those lyrics could be a little off.

Despite the low quality of the only snippet we have, it seems like the sound of the actual song is full, tight, and a very particular arrangement and production style.
My question to you is - do you know of anybody who would know who made this song, or if anybody could be of assistance, it would be of great value and help to our search.

I appreciate any assistance you can offer in this regard.

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Jan 21, 2010
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The voice sounds very familiar to me...but I can't put my finger on it.

At first I thought it was England Dan & Jon Ford Colley or Firefall ...but I don't think it is.

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