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How To Embed Youtube Videos in posts

Discussion in 'Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines' started by LG, Apr 18, 2010.

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Simple enough, Magic has added a code to make the process easy once you use it a couple of times.

    First here is the link to Youtube...YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    You simply enter the name of the band/song you are looking for and when the page reloads you select the one you want to post in the forum. When you do pick one, all you have to do it take the URL information After the = sign and copy it between the Youtube tags for the forum.

    [*yt]tR_i0sKWKEA[*/yt] That is how a properly embedded video should look. Take out the * and here is what you will see.

    We also have tags in the advanced text window, if you click on the little Youtube icon it will automatically post the brackets for you, and then you insert the information just like I showed you. Or you add the Youtube addy and highlight it by holding down the left mouse button and slide over the part you want and then click on the Youtube button and it will wrap the brackets for you.

    EDIT: For those of you who use the long "embed" codes from Youtube, these are no longer working with the forum's BB code tags. You have to use the series of letters and number that appear in the video URL after the equal sign between the

    Another helpful hint for people new to posting embedded Youtube videos is to Quote someone's post with a video already embedded, then when you write your own post and submit it you can see for yourself how the tags work if you "Edit" your own post.

    Finally some Videos will not allow you to embed them, they will tell you "Embedding Disabled by Request" when you try to play them. Then you have to go to Youtubes homepage to watch the video. Sadly this is becoming more common.?wmode=opaque" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

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