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Heart - Magazine (1978)

Discussion in 'Album Reviews' started by TheWhalerfan, May 24, 2011.

  1. TheWhalerfan

    TheWhalerfan Lovus My Avatarus

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    May 1, 2011
    Saskatchewan, Canada

    General Info

    First release: April, 1977
    Second release: April 22, 1978
    Recorded: 1975-76
    Partially re-recorded and re-mixed: 1978
    Genre: Hard rock
    Label: Mushroom, Capitol
    Producer: Mike Flicker

    The Band

    Ann Wilson: vocals, guitar, keyboards, violin, flute
    Nancy Wilson: vocals, guitar, piano
    Michael DeRosier: drums
    Roger Fisher: guitar, steel guitar
    Steve Fossen: bass guitar, percussion
    Howard Leese: guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals

    Track List

    Side one
    "Heartless" (A. Wilson, N. Wilson) – 5:02
    "Devil Delight" (A. Wilson, N. Wilson) – 5:00
    "Just the Wine" (A. Wilson, N. Wilson) – 4:16
    "Without You" (Ham, Evans) – 4:42

    Side two
    "Magazine" (A. Wilson, N. Wilson) – 6:22
    "Here Song" (A. Wilson) – 1:34
    "Mother Earth Blues" (Live) (Chapman, Simkin, Dixon) – 5:59
    "I've Got the Music in Me" (Live) (Boshell) – 6:18

    Magazine was an album that was troubled from the very start. Born in the midst of a battle with their label Mushroom, it was given an unauthorized release in 1977 against the wishes of the band, and pulled off the shelves after a court battle. Re-recorded and properly finished, it was again offered in 1978. Despite the issues that plagued this album, it contains some of Heart's best songs and should not to be ignored by any fan.

    Heartless - Another classic rock radio favorite, Heartless is a great example of a "good" Heart rock song. It contains the usual assortment of excellent guitar, drumming, and vocals. Standout moment is the almost funky mid song tempo break, complete with awesome trademark Ann "ooohs"...adds a lot to the song. Overall a nice listen.

    Devil Delight - Now we're talking. A heavy song for Heart, it features strong, distorted guitar riffs mixed with dark lyrics reeking of booze and one night stands. Vocals are perfect, adding a blend of sex and hardness to match the guitars and DeRosier's hard hitting drum track. Most people have heard this, but if you haven't, I insist you give it a listen. Outstanding.

    Just the Wine - Soft acoustic number, notable for use of flute and a French line. Other than that it is a standard issue ballad recalling of love found and lost. A little too slow for my liking, there are better offerings on Magazine.

    Without You - The Wilson's like to do covers, and here is one of their better efforts. Originally written by Badfinger, this song seems to have been covered by everyone at some point, but few people can sing like Ann. The band does the music justice, adding enough rock to make it a fun song to listen to despite its depressing lyrics. DeRosier adds some great fills to the drum track, but once again Ann steals the show. Her notes ringing loud and clear, this is a real treat for those who admire Ann Wilson's voice.

    Magazine - The second of the two best efforts on the album, Magazine tells the tale of a lonely person paging through a magazine wishing her life to be like the pictures she is viewing. At a concert Ann stated this was the result of a woman who took 3 hits of acid, causing the pages to come alive. Ann plays storyteller perfectly, using her full vocal range to express the emotion the lyrics are trying to convey. Not a ballad or a fast rocker, the band backs the vocals with music played just hard enough to keep the song from becoming sappy. Original recording has neat "Magic Man" sample added to end, sadly removed from authorized release.

    Here Song - Very short ballad, nice acoustic guitar work and vocals but should have been longer. Feels unfinished, an almost pointless addition to the album.

    Mother Earth Blues - Hey, Heart can sing the blues! The first of two live tracks, as the title states this is a blues cover, and they actually do it well. Of course Ann could sing a phone book and it would sound good, so you know the vocals are going to be fine, but the whole band do a pretty decent job of a genre they usually don't venture into. Something different, a good song to relax to with a bottle of your favorite whatever.

    I've Got the Music in Me - Yes, another live cover song, this time a Kiki Dee tune. Recorded only a year after KD released the original, Heart did what I would have done had I covered this - turn everything up...loud. Ann entices the audience to clap their hands at the start and the entire band feeds off their energy, assaulting the listener with pounding guitars, drums, and bass. Wailing away through every range she possesses, hearing Ann really let loose at the end of the song to audience cheers is very cool. The original lineup of Heart was great in the studio and even better live, and this song exists to show just how good they were.

    So this ends my summary of yet another Heart album. Magazine isn't mentioned very often in Heart circles as a classic recording, most likely because of the three cover songs. To me it is worthy of placement alongside Dreamboat Annie and Little Queen as a complete success, led by "Devil Delight" and "Magazine" which are as good as any other Heart offering. With only "Just the Wine" and "Here Song" being weak tracks, what's not to like? 8/10.

    Live Devil Delight from Largo '78

    Rare first release Magazine
  2. Slip'nn2Darkness

    Slip'nn2Darkness Sub Sonic Soul Shaker

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    Jan 18, 2006
    Re: Heart - Magazine

    I'm more in favor of side one on this album.. And Mother Earth Blues reminds me totally of Led Zeppelins "You Shook Me" which I have a feeling that they were going for that, plus John Paul Jones plays on quite a few live get together's with Heart..
    Really love the way Ann sings "Just The Wine' and "Devils Delight"...
  3. runtfan

    runtfan Senior Member

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    Mar 23, 2006
    Re: Heart - Magazine

    Great album !! I rate it slightly below Dreamboat Annie, Little Queen, and Dog & Butterfly - because it was kinda slapped together. I think the four tunes that were completed for the original release ( Heartless,Devil Delight, Magazine, and Just The Wine) are all outstanding. Here Song and Without You were demos and then the live stuff. I agree, Here Song sounds unfinished ( because it was) but it's a nice start. Without You, Mother Earth Blues/You Shook Me, and I Got The Music In Me are all fine, but I'd trade them for a few originals.
    It's funny - Magazine was intended to be their second release and it came out feeling a bit slapped together. Little Queen literally WAS slapped together to beat an injunction that would have prevented them from releasing anything at all - and Little Queen comes away a masterpiece.
    I rate Heart's first four albums as their best four, with Magazine coming in fourth, slightly below the other three.

    Our Heart tribute band plays Heartless and Devil Delight. Both are alot of fun to play.
  4. LG

    LG Fade To Black

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Re: Heart - Magazine

    The whole mess was simply because Heart's stunning success with the debut put Mushroom records at a disadvantage. Heart wanted to sign with a big label that could give them more support than a small independent operating out of Vancouver.

    That one part of the bands history also rubbed me the wrong way, it was when they moved to Canada that they honed their skills and got their first opportunity to record.

    Also they never sounded nearly as good production wise when they recorded for CBS/Capitol later on, something about the studio that Dreamboat Annie was recorded in just fit perfectly.

    As far as Magazine goes, even with all the BS surrounding it's release and re-release it is a good album, I like it more than Bebe Le Strange myself and would give it a 6.8/10.

    Another good write-up Whaler.:cheers:
  5. Rockperson

    Rockperson Senior Member

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    May 9, 2011
    Worcestershire, England
    Re: Heart - Magazine

    Must of missed this great review, not one of my favourite Heart albums but still pretty decent. :)

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