Great Spirit: New Robert Plant Anthology Due in October

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Mar 16, 2020
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Today, Robert Plant begins the third season of his podcast Digging Deep with Robert Plant on which he reflects on his storied career and shares the stories behind the music. To coincide with the season premiere, Plant has announced a new career-spanning 2-CD set. Due on October 2 from his own Es Paranza label, Digging Deep: Subterranea compiles 30 tracks on two CDs (or streaming/digital) from his solo body of work.

Digging Deep: Subterranea will be the first 2-CD collection of the Led Zeppelin frontman’s solo works since 2003’s Sixty Six to Timbuktu and the first overall anthology since 2006’s 9-CD/1-DVD box set Nine Lives which featured expanded editions of all of his albums (also available separately) and a bonus DVD. The new anthology takes Plant’s story further, featuring highlights from every one of his solo albums between 1982’s Pictures at Eleven and 2017’s Carry Fire with the exception of 1985’s Shaken ‘n Stirred. None of his collaborative albums with Jimmy Page, Allison Krauss, or The Honeydrippers are represented.

The tracklist of ‘Digging Deep: Subterranea’ is:

Disc 1

1. ‘Rainbow’
2. ‘Hurting Kind’
3. ‘Shine It All Around’
4. ‘Ship of Fools’
5. ‘Nothing Takes the Place of You’
6. ‘Darkness, Darkness’
7. ‘Heaven Knows’
8. ‘In the Mood’
9. ‘Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up – Part 1)’
10. ‘New World’
11. ‘Like I’ve Never Been Gone’
12. ‘I Believe’
13. ‘Dance with You Tonight’
14. ‘Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down’
15. ‘Great Spirit (Acoustic)’

Disc 2
1. ‘Angel Dance’
2. ‘Takamba’
3. ‘Anniversary’
4. ‘Wreckless Love’
5. ‘White Clean & Neat’
6. ‘Silver Rider’
7. ‘Fat Lip’
8. ’29 Palms’
9. ‘Last Time I Saw Her’
10. ‘Embrace Another Fall’
11. ‘Too Much Alike (feat. Patty Griffin)’
12. ‘Big Log’
13. ‘Falling in Love Again’
14. ‘Memory Song (Hello Hello)’
15. ‘Promised Land’

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