Deep Purple’s Ian Paice Says His Mini-****** Forced Recent Cancellations

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Jan 21, 2010
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A health scare suffered by Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice forced the band to cancel shows this week.

Paice shared the story behind the cancellations via a post at the band’s official site, saying he wanted to fill fans in while stopping “all the speculation and rumors” that started after the dates failed to happen. As it turns out, he had no choice but to cancel.

“On the morning of the 14th of June, I woke up to find that the right side of my body was feeling numb and I could not control my right hand and fingers,” wrote Paice. “So I had myself admitted to hospital where I was diagnosed with having suffered a ‘mini ******,’ or TIA. The hospital staff in Stockholm were amazing and started my treatment straight away. After both CT and MIR scans there was found to be no serious or permanent damage. As of this moment all I am suffering is a slightly numb right side of the face [and] a tingling sensation in my right hand. My dexterity in the hand is coming back quickly and I fully expect to recommence touring next month.”

Deep Purple’s current tour commitments keep them off the road until July 5, when they touch down in Turkey and begin a run of shows scheduled to keep them moving throughout Europe until the end of the month. With a new album imminent, Paice will likely be spending plenty of time on the road in the near future — and he insisted he’ll be ready.

“Now I have a set of tablets which have to be taken every day to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” he concluded. “So sorry for not being able to play for you. And I’m sorry for myself! These are the first shows I have missed with DP since its formation in 1968. Thanks to all the people who have shown concern and sent their best wishes.”

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Jan 29, 2010
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Wishing him all the best and a get well soon. One of my favourite drummers, a class act.

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