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Deap Vally

Discussion in '2010's Music' started by rtbuck, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. rtbuck

    rtbuck Senior Member

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    Oct 5, 2009
    I live in Buffalo, NY
    I first came across the band Deap Vally(a 2 piece band featuring Lindsey Troy on guitars & vocals & Julie Edwards on drums & vocals) after reading an article on them in Classic Rock magazine that explained their sound as Hole meets Led Zeppelin so I figured I'd give them a chance & bought their latest cd "Femejism". Their sound had a heavy different groove & I liked it a lot so I bought their debut "Sistrionix" which was another cool sounding album. Over the summer my wife & I seen Deap Vally open for Blondie & Garbage on the Rape & Rapture tour and these 2 girls put on a hell of a performance. My wife also is a fan of the band & after seeing their performance decided she wanted a T-shirt so it was off to the merchandise stand. Both members of Deap Vally were signing autographs at the stand so I bought another Femejism cd that they both signed & my wife selected a black t-shirt with the words "Do Whatever" above a set of Lips & underneath it had the band name "Deap Vally"... When we got home my wife pulls out the new shirt, looks at it, & then realized there were words in black inside the lips so theT-shirt actually read "Do Whatever...the [email protected]#K you Wanna". My wife said "Guess I won't be wearing this to any family gatherings!". Although, it is now her favorite shirt to wear when we go see a band

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  2. Sharp Dressed Man

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    Oct 9, 2013
    Denmark (Living in Greece)

    I'd wear it, especially at family gatherings! :cool:

    Deap Vally is a great band. I've mentioned them here and there on CRF before, but never created a thread - kudos to you for doing so. Never had the chance to see them live, but would absolutely love to! :)

    Btw, my favourite Deap Vally track is "Six Feet Under".
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