Data breach compromises 773 million records, 21 million passwords!

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    A given aspect of digital life is learning how to deal with situations in which you data becomes compromised; this is a fact that many individuals will have to deal with after the discovery of a data breach containing more than 773 million records. Discovered by security research and owner of Have I Been Pwned, Troy Hunt, the assemblage of documents is known as Collection No. 1 after it was found publically available online.

    According to Hunt, the existence of Collection No. 1 was brought to his attention after multiple individuals reached out alerting him to its presence on the cloud storage site, Mega. When available, the massive gathering of data was spread across 12,000 separate folders and left a footprint of 87GB. Even after Mega had removed the data from its servers, another one of Hunt’s contacts was able to point him to a popular hacking forum where the data was being distributed.

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    You can check out if your email account is hit here:
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