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Chickenfoot @ HoB 8-29-09

Discussion in 'Live Concert Reviews.' started by TeleCat, Aug 31, 2009.

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    Apr 23, 2005
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    First off I want to say I’m kicking myself for not getting in to see the opener. Davy Knowles (no relation to Beyonce) & Back Door Slam. Good, young, British, blues/rock band. Caught the end of their set and it sounded really good.
    Anyway, Chickenfoot came on around 9:00 and opened with Avenida Revolution. Good opener. Sound was great - loud and clear (always is at HoB – the super high ceiling is the key). Place was packed. Stood up front on Satriani’s side and he looked like he was having fun playing with a bona fide rock band. Very animated when he plays. Sammy Hagar’s voice was probably the best I’ve ever heard it. They played pretty much the entire album (can’t recall the order though) but Turnin’ Left was one of the highlights for me. Love that tune. Satch took an extended guitar solo for it as well. Oh Yeah had predictable crowd response with the place singing the chorus in unison, pumping fists and what not. Tight, professional hard rock played by cunning professionals (How’s that for a wanna-be rock journalist’s description).
    One thing’s for sure, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony’s voices meld awesomely. Talk about chemistry. I bet that’s a major reason why they stuck together. Always thought Michael Anthony was one hell of a back up singer and he shines in this band. Chad Smith did most of the talking in between songs oddly enough. Sammy Hagar wore an old, faded OU812 t-shirt. Thought that was kinda funny. Ventured to the upper level towards the end of the show. The encore was Bad Motor Scooter and My Generation both played a little faster than normal. Good stuff though. All in all a very good show. Ought to be for $57. And at $6.75 for a Heineken I got to take out a second mortgage to keep attending these concerts.

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