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Celtic Guitar

Discussion in 'Folk & Celtic' started by Porch Monkey, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Nov 22, 2017
    Carlisle, England
    I am surprised to find no references to Tony McManus in this section. Celtic guitar is something I came to when looking for something other than blues to pick on the acoustic. Well, actually, the furthest I've got with it is learning tunes by rote from Al Petteway tuition videos, one or two John Renbourn bits and a few others. It's very relaxing stuff to play, although I'll never be a genius at it, alas.

    But then I stumbled across this chap a few years back. A Scotsman who had a promising career in mathematics ahead of him; much to the horror of parents and friends, he gave that up to make a living playing a style of music that was never conceived with the guitar in mind. And so glad am I he did!

    Be prepared to be mesmerised:


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