Bob Seger ~ Face the Promise (2006)


Woman of the World
Apr 20, 2009
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Ohio, USA
Bob Seger
Face the Promise
Released in 2006 by Capitol
Rock / Country Rock / Heartland Rock

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1. "Wreck This Heart" – 3:53
2. "Wait for Me" – 3:42
3. "Face the Promise" – 3:18
4. "No Matter Who You Are" – 3:40
5. "Are You" – 3:35
6. "Simplicity" – 3:59
7. "No More" – 2:58
8. "Real Mean Bottle" – 3:05 *Duet with Kid Rock*
9. "Won't Stop" – 3:19
10. "Between" – 4:48
11. "The Answer's in the Question" – 3:41 *Duet with Patty Loveless*
12. "The Long Goodbye" – 3:07

This is the first album Bob Seger has released after an 11 year break. Bob wrote all the songs on the album except “Real Mean Bottle” which was written by Vince Gill. “Face the Promise” is one of those albums you buy expecting to be disappointed since the artist has been out of circulation for so long, but once you open the case and play it, you go “WOW” instead. Bob delivers exactly what he gave fans back in the 70’s; foot stompin’, in-your-face, classic rock n’ roll. “Face the Promise” is another notch In Bob’s belt, and well worth the 11 year wait. Bob’s voice is strong on this album, he never falls off the scale on any of the songs on this album. His song writing is tight, and he keeps the volume on the amps cranked. If you already are a Bob Seger fan, you will listen to this album over and over, it is that impressive. If you are not a Bob Seger fan, this album will make a fan out of you!

The album opens with ”Wreck this Heart” a hard hitting Seger classic sound. The title track “Face the Promise” and “Are You” are also classic Seger. His duet with Patty Loveless is spectacular, the violin and acoustic sound so good together, these two artists work very well together. The boogie and foot-stompin’ of “Real Mean Bottle” with Kid Rock is a fantastic southern style song, that is guaranteed to get you moving in your shoes. The whole album is chock full of anthems about life, aging, and what it means to be a rocker. The songs are mature and unrushed, some of the best work Seger has done, IMO. This album isn’t to be confused with a Silver Bullet Band album, this album is backed by numerous professional and orchestral musicians, and is Seger’s first solo effort since 1975’s “Beautiful Loser”. Don’t let the recording studio location fool you either, just because this album is recorded in Nashville doesn’t mean it is country, in fact the only country inspired songs are the two duets, and calling those songs country is a loose definition.

My rating for listening pleasure, 5/5.



Mr Kite
Dec 29, 2009
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Adelaide, South Australia
Didn't realize Seger was back in the industry again (shows how much attention I've been paying, I guess :tongue:)

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for this one.


Fade To Black
Apr 20, 2009
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Haven't heard any of the songs off this album, so I'll be back later to see if Bob still has some Magic left in him.;)

Nicely done and presented as usual Magic.:cheers:

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