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Bob Dylan / The Band - Before The Flood (1974)

Discussion in 'Album Reviews' started by Garrett, May 31, 2011.

  1. Barolojoe

    Barolojoe Junior Member

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    Apr 14, 2014

    I think there are better, more inspired live albums of Bob Dylan with and without Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko & Co. available.

    Especially the legendary Royal Albert Hall Concert of 1966, meanwhile officially out on LP & CD:

    ................................................. http://johannasvisions.com/wp-conte...Royal_Albert_Hall-_Concert_Live_1966-back.jpg

    The Band without Bob Dylan (and with an additional brass section) delivered a great performance in December 1971 in New York, released on the triple LP 'Rock of Ages':

    ............................. Stuck In The Past!: The Band - Rock Of Ages (1972) . [​IMG]

    I remember having listened to 'Rock of Ages' several years ago for the first time, then I bought 'Before the Flood'. After the comparison I was disappointed and flogged 'Before the Flood' immediately.

    'Rock of Ages' on the other hand has still a honored place in my collection.... . [​IMG]

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  2. recgord27

    recgord27 Walking down a dusty road

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    Aug 8, 2013
    South Africa
    Along with "The Basement Tapes", this album is a great snapshot of Dylan and the Band. I bought my copy at a church bazaar many, many years ago and still enjoy listening to it. I'd rate it at about 8/10, especially for The Band's contribution.
  3. deerwan

    deerwan Play It Loud

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    Oct 25, 2015
    eastern seaboard port of call
    When Dylan and The Band hit the road in '74 it was like the Second Coming.
    It was the Second Coming. The Band needed cash yes, but Dylan was
    very interested in a reprisal of what he had begun almost ten yrs before.
    And he wanted to unleash it on a burned out, defunct post-Nixonian
    'merica. Dylan was restless, having gone and going through some less
    than perfect domesticity trials and tribulations.

    Hit the road jack and hit it they did! To a hoopla of near mass hysteria from the press, the fans and the famous the likes nobody had seen, with all due respect to the Stones. Rock fans, artists, bohemes, beatniks, the fringe dwellers, they all wanted to be saved. The performances were searing, Dylan spitting and roaring his songs out to the jubilant audiences, but in a way they had never heard. This was white light-white heat Dylan. The sneers were thicker, the sarcasm more pointed. The Band pumped it all up like only The Band could-like a locomotive engine-giving the music an almost Spectorish dark storm howl form the stage.

    That is what you can pick up from the recording. I have several boots of the tour,
    probably the best being 'Paint the Daytime Black'. It's better than Flood, but the
    official is still pretty good. I am listening to my favorite band performance right
    now, The Band Live at the Academy of Music. It's a handsome redo of Rock of Ages
    and the restore-remix sounds gorgeous.

    Good Listening!
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  4. joker1961

    joker1961 Hopping Mad Frog

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    Mar 28, 2015
    Everywhere and No Where`s
    my own thoughts too! wonderful album...:bow::bow::bow:

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