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Beyond the Labyrinth - Chapter III: Stories (2011)

Discussion in 'Album Reviews' started by Magic, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Magic

    Magic Woman of the World

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Ohio, USA
    Band: Beyond the Labyrinth
    Album: Chapter III - Stories
    Released: 2011 by Incommunicado Records
    Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal / Melodic Rock / Rock Opera


    Band Members:
    Jo De Boeck - Vocals
    Geert Fieuw – Guitars, Keyboards
    Gerry Verstreken – Bass
    Michel Lodder – Drums, Percussion


    01. The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes
    02. Where Kindred Spirits Meet
    03. Hidden Agenda
    04. Oceans Apart
    05. Fear's The Killer
    06. The Darkest Page
    07. Saturation Point
    08. Stories Waiting To Be Told
    09. Raise The Horns
    10. Hypersensitive
    11. The Peter Principle
    12. Strength

    The Band

    I discovered Beyond the Labyrinth about 4 years ago and have been absolutely mesmerized by the band’s music ever since. Beyond the Labyrinth, a band from Belgium, has a vast array of music styles, some of which falls along the lines of classic AOR, but also has a lot of progressive rock influence with some hard edge metal tossed into the mix. The vocalist has amazing vocal range, there are excellent harmonies, and the orchestration of all the songs is very impressive. Geert is the music visionary of the band; he definitely has an ear for not only the classical sound of melodic hard rock, but the intricate layered sounds of progressive rock and the hard licks of metal, and he combines all these styles into one passionate album: Chapter III – Stories.

    The Album

    Chapter III - Stories is the 3rd studio album by Beyond the Labyrinth. The majority of the tracks were released individually as A & B side singles as each composition was completed. Once all 12 tracks were recorded, the full album was released. Each track on the album tells a story, but the album is not a concept album. The songs are arranged with a nice flow, which kept me interested from start to finish. None of the songs take on that overdone quality that some prog albums can have. Instead, each song will take you through many twists and turns, a full musical story. Quite a few of the songs take on a symphonic quality, yet many of the songs touch on the thrones of power metal. The listener will witness a melodic journey filled with inspiring solos, captivating keyboards, atmospheric rhythm, and a vocalist who is a sound chameleon.

    The album opens with “The Girl With the X-Ray Eyes”, which is a song that shows immediately that Beyond the Labyrinth is a band that is out to please the listener, and invites you to open and savor each story contained in the album. There are a couple absolutely gorgeous ballads on this album, my favorite of which is “Ocean’s Apart”, although “Stories Waiting to be Told” is just as impressive. You will definitely see an AOR 80’s flashback in “Raise the Horns”, a cleverly hidden gem on the album. Some heaviness can be heard in the songs “Hidden Agenda” and "Fear's the Killer", no doubt the two heaviest songs on the album. “Strength” ends the album with a song very reminiscent of something you would hear from Queen, an excellent closer to a very melodic album.

    The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes

    Hidden Agenda

    Ocean's Apart

    Fear’s The Killer

    The Peter Principle

    My rating for overall listening pleasure 4/5.
  2. LG

    LG Fade To Black

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    Apr 20, 2009
    I have only played it twice but have enjoyed the latest BTL only complaint is I wish they were busier in the studio.:grinthumb

    Nice to see you writing again Snoop, I'll send you a new quill and ink well set to keep you going.:tup:
  3. joe

    joe Senior Member

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    Jul 9, 2010
    Pretty good stuff Magic. I can't really add anything as you summarized it "bang on" in your review.:clap:
  4. Sox

    Sox Avoiding The Swan Song

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    Jan 29, 2010
    Derbyshire, England
    Sound write up Magic, I am not familiar with this band but thanks to you I will be digging around and checking more gear out. Cheers :cheers2

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