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Another Vertigo Rush

Discussion in 'Metal' started by Pistol, May 27, 2010.

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    House Full Of Bullets

    Another Vertigo Rush is an Indian band and has been defined under several genres such as Experimental-Psychedelic-Post rock- alternative, progressive metal. However, The band would just like to remain within the confines of the Experimental/psychedelic definition. Musically the band aims at Mixing Ambient soundscapes with heavy breakdowns. However, there is no one set pattern for AVR ’s songs. The band creates music through an organic process of composition - ie, jamming it out as opposed to construct parts and rehearse them in the studio. With varying musical influences within the band members, AVR’s sound is a mixture of conventional musical arrangement with ambient textures, aiming at creating a virtual ‘wall of sound’.

    Murphy's Law
    Untitled Album

    Some songs


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