50's Transcedence

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Mar 28, 2013
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Funny how whenever we discuss what we consider to be the more revolutionary and seminal recordings.we tend to gloss over many of the offerings on this level from the 1950's.One case in point here is the Drifters'absolutely resplendent "There Goes My Baby",a gorgeous Drifters effort pf historical porportion in that it was the first R&B record adorned with loving strings.From here,we could spend hours disecting the vocal brilliance of the mesmorizing "hallway groups".And why is fifties rock never given airtime on classic rock radio?Where it all began,isn't it?
Jul 8, 2017
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Even "oldies" seem to get too old for oldie-radio stations. At least that's according to the all-mighty Gods Of Radio Programming :(

Case in point-New York City had one of the early FM radio stations devoted to oldies when WCBS-FM converted to that format late in the 1970s. And yes, they played songs from the 1950s up thru the mid-1970s. Early 1950s rock was a large part of the airtime, in fact they had a regular weekend show devoted strictly to Doo-Wop music.

But as the years rolled by 1950s rock and R&B began to fade, especially by the 1990s-probably because they believed most of their audience were too young to embrace it and switch stations.

I last checked out WCBS-FM about 10 years ago and was shocked to find that 1960s music was gone as well (The Beatles and a few exceptions not withstanding). Their station commercials now claimed they were the home of 1970s music and up. Probably by now, late 70s disco would be the oldest music they would play.

But this shouldn't surprise. To get old is to get forgotten and swept away. Take movies for example-Many would never watch a b&w movie no matter how great it might be and some TV stations would never play B&W films

But in the end I don't give a shit. It's them with closed minds that are missing out. As long as I have access to the great books, films and music of the past via libraries and the internet, I'm content

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