1983: Madonna or She's So Unusual

Madonna or She's So Unusual?

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May 27, 2018
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New York, USA
People often relate these two artists for their looks, female singing, and their debut albums. Both albums definitely impacted the early-mid 1980's with at least 4-5 noticeable hits dominating the 1983 charts. These hits also created an image- defining the 1980's in style. Madonna had 5 hits top 5 on the US Dance charts. She's So Unusual had 4 top 5 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Neither album went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 200, but both fell into the Top 10. Which do you prefer to listen to?

Madonna has noticeable dance hits like "Holiday" and "Everybody"... Mainstream pop radio hits like "Borderline" and "Burning Up"... A song that falls into both categories, "Lucky Star". Die-hard fans will know tracks deep tracks like "I Know It", "Think Of Me", and "Physical Attraction".

She's So Unusual impacted the Top 40 charts much more than Madonna's debut did. Cyndi's debut includes her biggest hit and a 1980's defining song like "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" which also had constant rotation on MTV... Her only #1 song from her debut album (one out of only 2 #1 Billboard Hot 100 songs she had, the other being True Colors), "Time After Time"... Two forgotten high-charting hits like "She Bop" and "All Through The Night"... Also including a #27 hit "Money Changes Everything"... Let's not forget her cover of Prince'***** "When You Were Mine"... and the 45-second mono song featured in the beginning of her MTV video "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "He's So Unusual". Die-hard fans must know hidden songs like "Witness", "I'll Kiss You", and "Yeah Yeah".

Both these albums from 1983 can be a real ball-buster of a decision, but if you had to choose, what would you pick? For a full-album play-through, my choice is Madonna. But for listening to half the album or so, I like the tracks better on She's So Unusual. I think I'll go with Cyndi's debut for now.


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Sep 4, 2011
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London Town
Just sometimes I feel like a change from mainly listening to 1970s & 1980s heavy rock & blues/rock all the time so occasionally I have a listen to something else and I actually like Madonna's voice and especially her first two albums Madonna & Like A Virgin although I was told the third album True Blue is also worth a listen to as well anyway from her debut album Madonna in 1983 I especially like the songs Holiday & Lucky Star although I am not to familiar with the album to comment on every track but those two tracks always stay in my mind anyway I'm going to vote for Madonna.


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Dec 2, 2009
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Beer, Cheese and Harleys flow
I love me some early Madonna. This was a hungry artist who was trying to carve herself a piece of the pie. This album is a fun listen and takes me back to 80's when I was a teen looking for a fun time and it delivers. It's cool to watch artists evolve and grow, but I wish she would go back and re-visit this period. I believe a lot of fans would appreciate something like this. Just some stripped down and straight forward fun dance music. Not everything has to be controversial.

I do have to shout out to Cyndi" She's so unusual" Album it was a great pop album!

You really couldn't go wrong with either one of these!


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Jul 8, 2022
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In The Land Of Submarines
This one is close. I really prefer Cyndi’s voice and how she manipulates it while singing though, which really shines through in songs like “Time After Time”, and “All Through The Night.”
Both artists made their marks on 80’s pop music for sure but Cyndi gets my vote here.

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