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  1. Sean Hunt

    I gathered info on Mezquita from Spain. The band behind "Recuerdos de mi Tierra"

    Anyone heard "Recuerdos de mi Tierra" by Mezquita? I wanted to stick to my schedule of Sunday releases and figured this band had almost no info on them in English. So I dived into a lot of Spanish stuff and even reached out to one of the band members in order to make this Mini-Doc about the...
  2. T

    King Crimson Fine Art Prints signed by bassist Tony Levin

    Hi All, If you own 10 CDs, you probably have music with bassist Tony Levin playing on it. His career spans over 50 years and has played with such musical greats as Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, Peter Frampton, Liquid Tension Experiment, and King Crimson. Tony Levin has a new fine art...
  3. Sean Hunt

    The Canterbury Scene Family Tree

    Anyone here a fan of bands like Soft Machine and Caravan? Of course both bands started releasing albums in 1968 that later became known as the first albums in what we call The Canterbury Scene. What are your favorite bands from the Canterbury Scene? I like some of the hidden gems like Quiet...
  4. S

    New Album (Progressive Rock/Psycadelic Ambient)

    Hey guys, I'm part of a band called Mad Neighborhood, from Portugal. We just released our first album called "Ethos" and want to share it as much as we can, so if you like rock and ambient with a little of psycadelic elements, give a listen: Spotify -...

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