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  1. Terra812

    Metal Elvis

    I stumbled upon Metal Elvis this morning...:peek and thought some of you might get a kick out of them. Elvis, Slash, Nikki Sixx, Peter Criss ?? Not my cup of tea. I'm more of a Dread Zeppelin fan. Do with them what you will :cheers2 u2vAE5URaFg FGof6Ufqojw KssVEVE3W58
  2. Terra812

    Songs with inanimate object titles

    List songs with inanimate objects in the title... 3 at a time. :cheers2 Answering Machine - The Replacements Leather Boots - Alice Cooper Grinder - Judas Priest
  3. Terra812

    The Why Store

    I have two albums by The Why Store. I fell in love with their 1996 self-titled release. The Why Store is fronted by Chris Shaffer. With Shaffer's grizzly vocals, good lyrics and good song writing I'm surprised this band never took off. They have a southern rock sound. A good balance of faster...
  4. Terra812

    Not Good, Just Bad & Ugly

    There always seems to be one idiot in every crowd. One that could ruin everything for everyone. In October of 1980 I was at the (Billed as) Black & Blue concert in Milwaukee. Blue Oyster Cult opened for Black Sabbath (Dio). After BOC's set and a long intermission Sabbath took the stage, after...
  5. Terra812

    Flatfoot 56

    The first I heard of this band was a song played in an episode of Sons of Anarchy. After clicking around Youtube for a bit I have really come to like these guys. I picked up their Black Thorne CD... IMO not a bad song on it. Great musicians, great vocals, great energy! They play a lot of smaller...
  6. Terra812

    Cup O' Rob

    Rob Zombie announces fair trade organic coffee Heavy rocker Rob Zombie has announced that he's getting into the coffee business with a new line of self-branded organic fair-trade brews. Because when you think Rob Zombie, you think coffee. Right? “Our deepest and darkest roasted...
  7. Terra812

    Hometown Project

    All good things must end... at least that's what they say. Well that saying did hold true for the best rock n' roll radio station in Milwaukee Before they disappeared (changed format) they released a series of Hometown Album Projects... Local bands... I thought I'd share a few tracks with...
  8. Terra812

    Jim can finally R.I.P.

    Crist Pardons Jim Morrison As The Miami Herald and a slew of other sites have reported (with more than a hint of glee), yesterday Gov. Crist passionately lobbied a state panel to grant Doors frontman Jim Morrison a posthumous pardon for a March 1969 incident during which the singer—who...
  9. Terra812

    The Gracious Few

    - What do you get when you mix some Live with some Candle Box and you add Jerry Harrison to stir it up?... You get the powerful guitars and vocals that are "The Gracious Few". Some "Live" Chad Taylor - guitar Patrick Dahlheimer - bass Chad Gracey - drummer Some...
  10. Terra812

    The Steep Canyon Rangers w/Steve Martin (Official Thread)

    Steep Canyon Rangers Official Website Albums: 2001 Old Dreams and New Dreams 2002 Mr. Taylor's New Home 2004 The Steep Canyon Rangers 2005 One Dime at a Time 2007 Lovin' Pretty Women 2009 Deep in the Shade 2011 Rare Bird Alert (With Steve Martin) 2012 Nobody Knows You I recorded...
  11. Terra812

    If You Were Warren Miller?

    - Well... tis the season! Ski season that is. I love music while I ski. Please suggest some songs you ski to or think would make a great ski mix... (picture trees flying by):D Here are some staples from my ski playlist... U2 In God's Country aZgUsniGOpA Supertramp Child of...
  12. Terra812

    World Party / Karl Wallinger

    Karl Wallinger was a member of The Waterboys for two albums... A Pagan Place and This Is the Sea. eHakJDnXVFk He left The Waterboys to form World Party in 1986. World Party is a British pop / alternative rock band, which is essentially the solo project of Karl Wallinger. He sings and...
  13. Terra812

    Darling Nikki vs. Dirty Diana

    3XmxijQfMow yUi_S6YWjZw
  14. Terra812

    War Pigs vs. War Pigs vs. War Pigs (covers)

    - Which War Pigs cover do you like best? Alex Skolnick Trio 5GlF_GBuKto Hayseed Dixie 3peH3ppJKxo Rondellus AX2y51ixsu8
  15. Terra812

    Gentle Giant (Official Thread)

    I noticed there wasn't Gentle Giant thread So... Back in the 70's our local rock station, on Sunday nights, use to have an import show. That was the first I heard of Gentle Giant. I picked up "The Missing Piece"... loved it. Later I found both "The Power and the Glory" and "Octopus" at Record...
  16. Terra812

    Black 47 on Samcro

    What a great way to open Sons of Anarchy tonight. They just got to Dublin and they open the show with, a great Celtic band, Black 47's The Big Fellah off of their 1994 Home Of The Brave CD... Awesome! :tup: I have two of their cd's ... Fire of Freedom and Home of the Brave (produced by Jerry...
  17. Terra812

    Charlie (Official Thread)

    Charlie Official Website Charlie was a British rock band that achieved mediocre success in the mid 70's and early 80's. In the 70's the band consisted of * Terry Thomas, Lead vocals & guitar * John Anderson, Bass, Backing vocals * Steve Gadd, Drums * Julian...
  18. Terra812

    Rondellus - Sabbatum: A Medieval Tribute to Black Sabbath

    - In 2002 the Estonian medieval music band Rondellus released Sabbatum: A Medieval Tribute to Black Sabbath It's sung in Latin and played with medieval instruments... Lute, Harp ect.. I think it's great Sunday morning, paper and coffee music. Planet Caravan uz0tYD_vVIo...
  19. Terra812

    Windham Hill and other New Age artists

    I didn't know where else to put this thread and feel that this category best suits it. I've always had a fondness for classical music. It was played in my home alot as a kid... Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Strauss... So when I discovered "New Age" music it was quite a joy... not only to my...
  20. Terra812

    Inda Eaton

    A few years back a couple of friends and myself, after Summerfest, go to the Milwaukee Ale House. A place known for Rockabilly acts. As I walk in I see a band jammin... center stage is this dude in bare feet, straw hat, white tee and the thickest farmer bibs money can buy. As soon as Inda...
  21. Terra812

    Alicia Keys on Colbert Report - Empire State Of Mind II

    This video is both beautiful and hillarious. Colbert cracks me up... and Keys drummer... Watch his expression when Stephen starts to spin. Alicia Keys on The Cobert Report - Empire State Of Mind (PartII) Broken Down
  22. Terra812


    Well I'll introduce myself this way: I'm almost 48. My dad was into classical (probably why I love ELO) and my mom was a big Yusuf Islam fan so his music is some of my earliest memories. My older sister was big into The Osmonds and The Partridge Family as well as J5... two other songs she played...

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