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    Chickenfoot (Official Thread)

    Re: Chickenfoot :ohyeah:They did not do any material from their respected bands....and they did not do Highway Star in their encores although they did a little piece of Immigrant Song in the encore started by Michael Anthony...:grinthumb Telecat if you have half the fun that I did you're in...
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    Chickenfoot (Official Thread)

    Re: Chickenfoot :bow: I saw them last night at the Beacon Theater in NYC - whole lotta energy and they played for a hour and 50 minutes.... The four of them looked like they were ejoying every minute they played. The only complaint I have about last nights show is that it was much louder...
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    Chickenfoot (Official Thread)

    Chickenfoot Official Website Check out the new supergroup-Chickenfoot.......... Sammy Hagar-vocals/guitar Michael Anthony -bass guitar Joe Satrioni-guitar Chad Smith-drums Discography: 2009 Chickenfoot 2009 Chickenfoot Deluxe Limited Edition CD + DVD 2011 Chickenfoot III...
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    Felix Cavaliere's Rascals

    My lady and I went to see Felix Cavaliere in Wildwood New Jersey last month and he stole the show from the Turtles and Herman's Hermits with Peter Noone.In case you don't know who Felix is .....he was and still is the voice of the Rascals. Peter Noone was great and the Turtles were ....well the...
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    Best artists to start into the blues?

    Re: Blues!!! Try a cd collection called "From The Cradle" by Eric Clapton and a great collection from John Lee ****** called "The Healer" and finally try a collection called "Nothing But The Blues" by Johnny Winter...:cheers: Enjoy These are blues songs at their finest.Also a great live cd is...
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    Gary Moore (Official Thread)

    Re: Gary Moore If anyone is or has been into Gary Moore,you must listen to his new cd that came out about 2 months ago "Too Bad For You Baby" - AWESOME ! :grinthumb Gary has been around for years from playing with Thin Lizzy and Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker to his solo material to really diving...
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    Black Ice - Ac/dc

    If you haven't heard the new collection of music from AC/DC,then go out and buy it and you will think it came out right after BACK IN BLACK. It is def HOT !! I can't wait to see them live for the first time on the 12th at Madison Square Garden in New York City.:grinthumb and keep those...
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    Favorite Beatle after the Beatles

    I always enjoyed Paul's solo stuff and John's was always very interesting but whenever George would release was out of the norm and powerful.Ringo's is not bad either but my vote goes to George... Remember....model subway trains rule ! watch the closing doors...
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    the best concert you've gone to

    hey Niranadude,you think Blue Cult is loud,saw them.... no contest..go see Cheap Trip.......hoo boy...what what what :wtf:
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    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

    :grinthumb So,do you like or not.......I do,I can't believe I do,but I do... It's easy to listen to and it's done very well....they work well together.:cheers: Trains,Trains,Trains watch the closing doors :wtf: :****:
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    Velvet Revolver

    going to see them next month in AC. PEACE
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    Velvet Revolver

    Check out VR's new collection of first listen.......B-.......but the guitar playing is tight & awesome ! As far as Axl goes......he was & most likely one of the best entertainers ever,but his di-reguard for acting like someone from this planet is def a problem he still has and...
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    Who had the best concerts?

    Aerosmith in '74.'78.'87.'89.'93.'98,'03, & '06.......... I've liked them since they blew Sabbath off the stage back in '74 hoo boy :rolleyes: peace:bonk:
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    Forgotten Bands of the Sixties

    I'm glad someone finally mentioned the McCoys with ol' Rick Derringer and if I'm not mistaken that was his brother Randy on drums.... I was also a B I G Sam the Sham & the Pharohs fan,You can't get much better rock 'n' roll than "Wooly Bully" Peace:spit: :cheers: :****: :bump:
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    Denis Payton: Dave Clark Five R.I.P.

    Little known fact,or maybe not..........the standing Paul Schaffer playing keys of Letterman fame is due to the standing Mike Smith of the DC5.He has stated this fact a couple of times during the Letterman shows,and said it while Mike was sitting in with the band one night. Mike too has his own...
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    Celebrating 1967

    I'm not going to list any songs,they've pretty much all been covered,although I don't think "Him or Me" by Paul Revere & the Raiders came out in '67...I could be wrong and the Rascals were still called the Young Rascals in '67 but I'm just nit-pickin' It's just GREAT that we're all talking...
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    Best solo artist of the 70's

    Re: Who had the best solo career? I have to go with Paul McCartney(wings & solo) Eric Clapton Robert Plant Ozzy Tina Turner peace:grinthumb
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    Denis Payton: Dave Clark Five R.I.P.

    A heartfelt goodbye to DP,I was a B I G DC5 fan......... In '64 there was a time when they were competition to the likes of the Beatles & the Stones as well as Herman's Hermits,the Kinks and others of the day.I know it's hard to believe now but I was around then and it's true. They had some...
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    Velvet Revolver

    I too think VR rules !It is GNR II,I think Axle was a great live performer and a great talent,but we don't need another Jim Morrison wanna-be and neither does the band,they just wanna rock. I got to see them live just before they exploded as I knew that they were going to do.I saw them in a...
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    Tom Petty - "Highway Companion"

    Re: Tom Petty's Highway Companion I was always a Petty fan but after Echo I thought that was it for the boy,but since most of you give it a positive note,I'll pick it up and give a chance. I'll let you know...... PEACE "COLD GRIMY GRIZZLY BEAR CLAWS HOT ON YOUR HEELS" Love that Jim.:bump...
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    Worst Drummer In A 70s Rock Band

    Re: Worse Drummer I was and still am a BIG Rascals fan,and Dino was responsible for alot of this.This was a great band and a great drummer also,I had the pleasure of seeing the Rascals back in 1988 here in New Jersey,they were awesome to say the least. I don't know if this is politically...
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    the best concert you've gone to

    gotta be Robert Plant in May 1988 with a then little known guitarist just becoming a big deal named Stevie Ray Vaughan opening for him... Stevie was words to describe.. This was Plant's first tour where he was doing Zep songs in his show...but that's not the only reason that this...
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    Worst Drummer In A 70s Rock Band

    Worse Drummer I have to go with Bill Ward of Black Sabbath :wtf:
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    Most under rated classic rock musicians

    I'm going with Mike Smith(vocalist & keyboard player)with the Dave Clark 5 & Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad fame. PEACE :bump:
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    Favorite Stones Album?

    let it bleed with tatoo you as a close second :bleep:

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