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  1. Redneck

    Please suggest me some songs like (inside)

    Well I got totally lost and I couldn't find a special thread to ask this question so I just made a new one. Forgive me if something. I recently got into this type of music and I can't even recognize its genre. Some indie stuff but it gets me. Was asking Google to help me to find similar songs...
  2. Redneck

    Don't know what happened but last few days forum is exremely lagging for me.

    If anyone can help me please do it cause I can't open anything here, maybe there is a special thread for such problems but I couldn't open search to find it. Need to click few times on a link and wait for a long time until it opens. Sometimes my posts are sending two times. I use Chrome...
  3. Redneck

    Infant Sorrow (2008)

    Infant Sorrow is a fictional band for the movie Get Him To The Greek (2008) The lead singer of the "band" was Russell Brand, who also recorded sixteen songs for this movie and played the main role in. Songs: 1. "Just Say Yes" 2. "Gang of ****" 3. "Furry Walls" 4. "Going Up" 5...
  4. Redneck

    Post here Chillstep mixes you like

    Chill dubstep or Chillstep, is a sub-genre of Dubstep music with the relaxing tones in it. Also may be known as a Vocal/Melodic Dubstep. In tracks of chillstep mostly are low bass and slow beats. My favorites: L15mj7rueDg zbjVv24TzPQ FA8MKXaBH5k...
  5. Redneck

    Dunno if anyone can help me indefenite 00s song with the description of clip

    Song is from nearly 2000s, was often on tv ( at least here, in Russia, it was often). The clip was colorful, and about robots. That's all I remember lol. Thanks for any guesses Sorry for the word indefenite xd I meant recognize
  6. Redneck

    Hey all

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. Today I accidently got on this forum, and I found it pretty cool, so I decided to join it. My name is Diane and I'm russian (: I like different kinds of rock and other music, hope you will like me :rolleyes:

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