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  1. tkitna

    James May Cars For The People

    Hey, I dig Top Gear and was watching a special that James May hosted called Cars For The People. He was driving a Volkswagon Beetle and talking about the 60's hippy culture when a song started playing. I loved the song, but have no idea what it is. Its like I heard it before, but i'm having a...
  2. tkitna

    That one album,,,,

    What is the one album that seems to be recognized by the masses that you cant stand? I was reading some threads and posting and I saw mention of one that I cant stand or don't understand a few different times. So my choice would be- Neutral Milk Hotels - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea I have...
  3. tkitna

    Best version of 'Summertime'

    Anybody have a favorite version of this classic Gershwin tune? Mine would be this one. vOVpFVD37UA I also like this one a lot RKu2P8zT_F4 I love the song.
  4. tkitna

    Christian Music?

    Anybody listen to Christian music by chance? I'm the drummer for my churches worship team and I love a bunch of it. Theres some really good stuff out there. Some of my favorites would be- Natalie Grant (maybe the greatest female voice of all time) Chris Tomlin Casting Crowns Kutless Aaron...
  5. tkitna

    The Knickerbockers Buddy Randell

    Hey, I was wondering if anybody knew how Buddy Randell from the Knickerbockers died? I cant find anything on the net that gives a definite answer. The only thing I have found is that he was being robbed in Jamaica and died in the altercation somehow, but I dont know if thats even true. Thanks.

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