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    70s Prog-Rock Bands Fronted By Female Vocalists?

    I'm going to be specific, because I've listened and know many. I love singers who sing in a high-register (Jane Relf), songs in a slower-tempo. Always liked prog w/ a touch of Middle-Eastern scales... Let me just name my favorites, lol. -Curved Air -Illusion -Carol of Harvest -Mellow Candle...
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    70s Jazz Guitar Solos w/ Non-Jazz Rhythms

    This is harder to find than I thought.. I know Steely Dan has to have some, but I've been listening and haven't found much. The only one I can think of a moment. I wish they used more jazz guitar soloing, with any kind of rhythm, but this is definitely a NON-jazz rhythm. If you have a minute...
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    Director's Cut of "Chicago: Terry Kath Experience"

    An additional 45 minutes! I won't spoil it for you, but if you see it, or have seen it, I'd love to discuss it, or Kath. Lots of these Vimeo videos aren't up for long, so check it out while you can!
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    Hello And Thank You! (Intro)

    I'm a musician and author. I love music, movies, and stand-up comedy... Mort Sahl is actually my favorite, but I got sick of being asked who he was, and most seem to know the man he mentored (George Carlin) who is a favorite of mine, along with Bill Hicks. My latest music kick are the ladies...

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