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    Paul McCartney - Fuh You

    Well, lyrics sites are notorious for getting lyrics wrong. It sounds like he says "want it" to me, but even ignoring that, I'm really not sure how you can tell the difference between "wanna" and "wannit". I've found this site to be the most accurate and revealing. In it he explicitly says...
  2. J

    Paul McCartney - Fuh You

    Some heavy metal favorites from the hard rocking Beatles:
  3. J

    Hear Steve Perry’s Second ‘Traces’ Single, ‘No More Cryin’’

    It's true, he does sound a bit different. I'm sure his range is less (just based on how they say singers age - I have no personal experience because I can't sing a lick!) It sounds good though. I've always been a sucker for Steve Perry.
  4. J

    Paul McCartney - Fuh You

    Except that the context is different - bubblegum pop rock songs were fresh and new back then, now they are stale at about 60 years old.
  5. J

    Paul McCartney - Fuh You

    A little misleading, since the video explicitly says "I just want it fuh you". Anyway, lame song.
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    Queen (Official Thread)

    I love Queen. I remember when A Day At The Races came out with that gatefold photo inside of Freddy. My brother and I kind of looked at each other..... "Do you think he's..... ***??" "...... NAAAAHHHHH!" He's a rock star. Oh how naive we were.
  7. J

    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    Sure, I was just adding a different video of the same song, which I thinks adds another perspective to it. My opinion on the song doesn't really matter, I was just adding another dimension for someone else to consider in a different context, not making any rules or anything.
  8. J

    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    Sorry to interject, but I'm not sure if songs should be rated based on if you were hearing it for the first time today, or in context with history and its origin. I think context is important.
  9. J

    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    I'm always on the lookout for melodic metal. The problem is when you sing like that (trying to make it sound epic) and the song isn't awesome enough to be a classic, it can end up sounding pretentious. Overall good sound. 6/10
  10. J

    Controversial or unpopular opinions

    I respect Kiss due to their (Simmons/Stanley) work ethic and care for the customer (quality live show). I even like some of their music as a guilty pleasure (although Hard Luck Woman is a legit good song that would have been a hit for someone like Rod Stewart.) But otherwise, no they're not...
  11. J

    Controversial or unpopular opinions

    Yeah. If I had a metal band, I might call it "Load" or something, but it wouldn't have anything girly, or even an umlaut for that matter.
  12. J

    Controversial or unpopular opinions

    I'd agree with that. I do think there's an awful lot of metal out there, but a lot of it isn't particularly popular or accessible. I guess metalheads like it just that way. Personally I think if there was more melodic metal, more people would get into it. For example I discovered Volbeat...
  13. J

    Controversial or unpopular opinions

    OK maybe this is controversial, but even though I don't like most glam/hair bands, I do like Cinderella. I think their problem is that they placed themselves in the hair band genre themselves with their first album. Or maybe their manager did. But really they're more in the Aerosmith mode...
  14. J

    Controversial or unpopular opinions

    If you don't like the Beatles, that's one thing. If you don't get how important they were and what good musicians they were, that's a different thing. The former is strictly opinion and taste, and you can't be blamed for that. The latter just requires more education about music history etc...
  15. J

    Ace Frehley - Rockin' With The Boys (Official Audio)

    Juvenile lyrics, but I kind of like his voice. He should do more. He also looks kind of badass, he should take some acting lessons and get into some new crime TV show like Sopranos or Breaking Bad.
  16. J

    "Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Chris Cornell"

    I just assume it's a metaphor for his career and life. Surely no one is going to make a documentary just about someone dying. It might be literally true that it covers how he died, but I assume most of the documentary would be a flashback from that.
  17. J

    Too 10 Queen Songs

    '39 - another great one as well. Did you know that this song was not about sailing across the Atlantic in a boat, but rather traveling in a space ship? He goes forward in time due to the time differences when traveling at high speed. Brian May has a serious interest in astrophysics. In fact...
  18. J

    Too 10 Queen Songs

    All Dead is probably in my Top 10 as well :) But trying to come up with just 10 makes my head hurt. Hard to understand how Somebody to Love isn't in your Top 10. Frankly, not a big fan of their very late stuff. I've never even heard of Gimme the Prize or Princes of the Universe.
  19. J

    CDs, vinyl are outselling digital downloads for the first time since 2011

    That's a fair and legit point, which does actually describe the general situation. While I bemoan the lack of high res downloadable audio, I have to concede a lot of people don't care. It's kind of a curious situation. It seems to be the exact opposite of the video content situation, on which...
  20. J

    CDs, vinyl are outselling digital downloads for the first time since 2011

    For me, the point is sound quality. That's why compressed formats like MP3 don't cut it for me. I like to listen on high quality gear. On the move I listen to an old school iPod because it has so much storage - to hold lossless music - and top quality earphones. Or, I actually sit and listen...
  21. J

    Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Waiting For a Sign (2018)

    Kind of sounds like an old fashioned, rather boring rock song. I do like the guitar work, otherwise bland. If this were a Stevie Ray Vaughan song it might have worked.
  22. J

    What were your top 5 albums the year you were 16.

    Moody Blues - A Question of Balance Queen - Night at the Opera David Bowie - Young Americans Styx - Grand Illusion Foreigner - Foreigner
  23. J

    Albums Of 1979 Add List (50)

    I certainly think Journey Evolution deserves to be there. Glad to see Bad Company snuck in there under the wire, sheesh. Rickie Lee Jones? Huge back then. Christopher Cross? Huge back then.
  24. J

    Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)

    The word "masterpiece" has been used in this thread, and I have to agree this album is a bonafide masterpiece. The songwriting and musicianship for Rush reached its pinnacle for this album. Whether or not you actually like a different Rush album more, or any other group more, I think the...
  25. J

    Tesla or Cinderella?

    Cinderella is clearly one of the more underrated hard rock bands - too bad they got labeled with Glam Rock (I suppose it was their own fault with the Night Songs album cover). But It think Long Cold Winter stands up to anything Aerosmith did, on average.

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