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  1. shewins

    The song stuck in your head thread!

    Wake me up before you go go - Wham I'm not going to post a video because it's already driving me mad. Heard it on the car radio. This thing's a real earworm.
  2. shewins

    Ten Songs from an Artist/Band Using Videos

    ZZ Top
  3. shewins

    It seems like it's hard to follow people

    Thanks, I did figure it out, but it seems like that should be a little more prominent. I'm a lot more likely to follow a person than to ignore them.
  4. shewins

    Five Covers

    5. George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic Next: The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkle
  5. shewins

    It seems like it's hard to follow people

    I see something I like, and I want to follow the person, but the only way I've found to do it is in the Members list. If they are not staff members or have a ton of points or likes, I can only find them by going through a list that is hundreds of pages long. Am I doing something wrong? There...
  6. shewins

    Forgotten Bands of the Sixties

    I was just going to say the Youngbloods. They were a great group, but they only had that one top 40 hit, Get Together, in the US. I love Darkness Darkness.
  7. shewins

    Acoustic songs of the 70's

    I saw quite a few by Neil Young, but I don't think I've seen this one. Four Strong Winds
  8. shewins

    Acoustic songs of the 70's

    Joni Mitchell - California - I was in high school and living in California when this first came out.
  9. shewins

    Ten Songs from an Artist/Band Using Videos

    10. Bohemian Rhapsody
  10. shewins

    2019 Tunes Only

    Wow, that's a pretty small window since we are only a month into 2019. How about if I cheat just a little bit? I love these girls, and their lastest album, Venom and Faith, just came out in November of 2018.
  11. shewins

    Top 15 Underrated Guitarists

    I love many of those already mentioned, so I will try not to repeat them Frank Zappa Lindsey Buckingham Mike McCready Jonny Greenwood Robben Ford Warren Haynes Elvin Bishop Jeff Beck - OMG this guy is incredible
  12. shewins

    5 Famous Band Who Hated Their Own Albums

    Didn't McCartney also say he thought the White Album was out of tune> Seems Like I saw a video where he said he panicked when he heard it and when running to his band mates. They listened to it and said it was fine. Anyway, other than the ones named in the video, that's all I can think of.
  13. shewins

    Your favourite all-time albums?

    Wow, there are so many great choices here. I'm going to try not to repeat the more popular, ones. Fire Up - Merle Saunders (with Jerry Garcia and Tom Fogerty) Alone Together - Dave Mason Elephant Mountain - The Youngbloods Eric Burdon Declares War - Eric Burdon & War Bob Frank - Bob Frank
  14. shewins

    Why Are The Beatles So Popular?

    Without the Beatles we would never have heard of the Stones. I really believe this.
  15. shewins

    Songs Of 1976 - Add List (50)

    1. Somebody To Love - Queen 2. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC 3. More Than A Feeling - Boston 4. Detroit Rock City - KISS 5. X Offender - Blondie 6. The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy 7. Night Moves - Bob Seger 8. Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas 9. (Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Öyster...
  16. shewins

    Music you've outgrown....?

    I recently heard Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. I remember it as being a really hot song, but it sounds so dated and strange to me now.
  17. shewins

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    OK, here's a pretty obscure one, and I bet nobody's mentioned it. There was a guy named Bob Frank who put out a great album of the same name on Vanguard Records in 1972. That first record got great critical acclaim, then he seemed to drop off the planet. He has resurfaced, and made some more...
  18. shewins

    Name a song with a girls name in it...

    I looked through a lot of this thread, and I also did a search and I didn't find it. How about "Sweet Melissa," by the Allman Brothers? Also, just in case nobody said it, Sherry by Franki Valli and the Four Seasons (that just happens to be my name.
  19. shewins

    I remember...

    Any other clues, what approximate time period?
  20. shewins

    Hi y'all. Greetings from North Carolina

    I grew up on classic rock, and I still love it. I also love to explore great music that is being made today. Talent has not skipped a generation!
  21. shewins

    Favorite bands of the British Invasion?

    Ten Years After

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