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  1. Cozy 4ever

    What do you think, does Zeppelin III kind of count as a folk album?

    I think it does. "Friends" & "Gallows Pole" especially!
  2. Cozy 4ever

    Type O Negative

    Any other fans here? Even as anti-90s as I am in general I have always dug this band. I love the elements of Halloween and horror in their music, as well as the sound effects, Sal's wicked beats and Peter Steele's crazy sense of humor and unique vocal sound. It also helped that they were local...
  3. Cozy 4ever

    Hey, any fellow drummers in here who know a lot about vintage kits?

    I am looking to build up a custom kit (a vintage 80s job made out of unusual materials) and was wondering if anybody in here might be knowledgeable. I got some advice from a guy who is a longtime expert collector/seller, but I think he might be bullshitting me, and Craigslist is plain scary...

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