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    New Aerosmith Album Due in March '12

    The last couple of years have been beyond turbulent for Aerosmith – but now, Steven Tyler tells Rolling Stone that the new album is almost done. "Two months doing that and we’re almost there," Tyler said backstage at the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas this past weekend. "We’re gonna spend...
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    Ticket Outlets You Use?

    What other ticket outlets do you guys use? Ticketmaster is an obvious but thats always a pain to deal with and is kinda pricey. Any other outlets you guys use?
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    Good Music News Sites?

    What music news websites do you guys look at and read? I know there's got to be better sources of music news than Rolling Stone and Yahoo. Doesn't necessarily have to be just rock music news. Thanks....
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    My Sharona vs My Best Friend's Girl

    kVdnqEyToqg iE_tJ7qkwL4 Which one?
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    Judas Priest Vs. Iron Maiden

    Judas Priest Iron Maiden Which one? No wimpy "both" option...sorry. :pullhair::pullhair::pullhair:
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    Review: Judas Priest-Live Vengeance '82

    Released: 2006 Recorded: December 12, 1982 Venue/City/State: Mid-South Coliseum Memphis, TN Band Members: Rob Halford: vocals Glenn Tipton: guitar K.K. Downing: guitar Ian Hill: bass Dave Holland: drums Setlist: 1. "The Hellion/Electric Eye" 2. "Riding on the Wind" 3. "Heading Out to the...
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    Turn it Up Vs. Turn Up the Radio

    Turn it Up-Ted Nugent 2Z9WIjcEPOo Turn Up the Radio-Autograph kHLXnyY537c Which one you like?
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    Nevermind Vs. Metallica(The Black Album)

    1990 albums. Which one you like???
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    The Game Vs. Permanent Waves

    1980 albums. Which one you like???
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    Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)

    Info: Album: Moving Pictures Released: February 12, 1981 (Anthem (Canada), Mercury) Genre: progressive rock, hard rock Band Members: Geddy Lee: bass, synthesizer, vocals, bass pedals, Minimoog Alex Lifeson: electric/acoustic guitars, Moog Taurus Neil Peart: drums, timbales, gong bass...
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    Rush - Rush (1974)

    Info: Album: Rush (debut album) Released: March 1, 1974 (Moon Records) Genre: hard rock, heavy metal Band Members: Geddy Lee: bass, vocals, keyboards Alex Lifeson: guitar John Rutsey: drums, percussion Tracklist: 1. "Finding My Way" – 5:05 2. "Need Some Love" – 2:18 3. "Take a...
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    Black Eye Peas get Super Bowl performance in 2011. What you think?

    The NFL breaks the streak of rock music for the Super Bowl Halftime show and goes a little hip-hop. The Black Eyed Peas score the gig and will perform the Halftime show in Super Bowl XLV. Many people have complained about the NFL bringing in "dinosaurs" and "has-beens" in to rock the stadiums...
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    Rush: Clockwork Angels Poll! Caravan Vs. BU2B

    Caravan-Rush btoEgIlhbUc BU2B-Rush VSgiFuGOZW4& Out of Rush's Clockwork Angels songs released so far and played on the Time Machine Tour, which one you prefer?
  14. fielding

    Heaven Poll!!!

    Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin D1Z2jaPN2dU Knockin' on Heaven's Door-Bob Dylan cJpB_AEZf6U Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton AscPOozwYA8 Where the Streets Have No Name-U2 GzZWSrr5wFI Heaven-Talking Heads QjPDayIh08s Heaven for Everyone-Queen dKhFJcBztB4 Just Like Heaven-The Cure RS_ux2H473I
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    What Kind of Man???

    New World Man-Rush WNkAtgX-HT4 Street Fighting Man-The Rolling Stones qUO8ScYVeDo Working Man-Rush h59mDlBSt7o Iron Man-Black Sabbath 9LjbMVXj0F8 Blue Collar Man-Styx dV1v6FmB4P0
  16. fielding

    An Animal Themed Poll!!!

    Toad-Cream RpGi8M44cP8 Barracuda-Heart 4bt_-R5LInU Godzilla-Blue Oyster Cult k6rDWqjnW7w Black Dog-Led Zeppelin T2M6yV6mueg Cat Scratch Fever-Ted Nugent nW8S58CYQqs By-Tor and the Snowdog-Rush 5hDa0GaCDvI Bulls on Parade-Rage Against the Machine -58-36lSqG4
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    Lets Get it Up Vs. Turn it Up

    Lets Get it Up-AC/DC iICbL0MdNl8 Turn it Up-Ted Nugent 2Z9WIjcEPOo
  18. fielding

    Round and Round vs Runaround

    Round and Round-Ratt 8M60rLoCbbo Runaround-Van Halen ji_nx4_RywI Which one???
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    The Eagles/Solo Careers: Walsh Vs. Henley Vs. Frey Vs. Schmit

    Which current Eagle had the best solo career in your opinion?
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    Geddy Lee Vs. Paul McCartney

    Geddy Lee Paul McCartney On, both these guys were ranked top 10 in best rock bassist of all time. Lee at #7 and McCartney at #8. Which bassists do YOU think is better???
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    Mr. Brownstone Vs. ***** Trail

    ***** Trail 8n5RYRpXgFA Mr. Brownstone KVYDnQwi3OQ
  22. fielding

    Best Instrumentals!!!

    Frankenstein-Edgar Winters x1mV_5-bRPo Jessica-Allman Brothers WfM6nRVBvGs Eruption-Van Halen ULEBSxP725w Moby Dick-Led Zeppelin h4YpOclKmLs La Villa Strangiato-Rush xjglB04TOno Soul Sacrifice-Santana BYFQ_wxdWE8 The Call of Ktulu-Metallica sWGOEWdV13M Lark's Tongues in Aspic-King Crimson...
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    Easiest Drum Song from Rush?

    What is the easiest song to play on drums by Rush? I was thinking my best bet would be anything from the 1st album but you guys know any other easy ones out there? Thanks...

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