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    Guns N' Roses vs. Van Halen

    I love both bands, but I'm just more fond of G&R's sound. I would pretty much choose Guns N' Roses over any band when it comes to preference.
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    Black Crowes (Official Thread)

    Re: The Black Crowes Yeah, I love black crows. They'er probably the best band to chill to.
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    i'm gonna say hello to (:

    Hi Jloyd, and welcome. I love chilling out to some Jimi Hendrix myself.
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    Hello fellow Rock Lovers.

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome, I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay here.
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    Hello fellow Rock Lovers.

    I'm currently reading: The Pilot's Wife - Anita Shreve But, I pretty much read whatever I find interesting at the time. Some of the books I've read. Echoes- Danielle Steel Like Dandelion Dust-Karen Kingsbury Warbreaker-Brandon Sanderson Such a Pretty Face- Cathy Lamb Can't Teach...
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    Songs with Place Names

    Viva Los Vegas- Elvis Presley Mississippi Queen- Moutain Woman From Tokyo- Deep Purple
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    Janie's Got A Gun vs. Johnny's Got A Shotgun

    I love Janies got a gun but I can't resist the heavy hard beats of johnny's got a shotgun. To me thats what classic rock is made of.
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    Girls Got Rhythm vs. Rhythm of Love

    AC/DC wins. But I did have to think for a moment. You just can't resist AC/DC's addictive groggy rock. It makes you wanna go break something, and thats what real rocks all about.
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    Your Five Most Influential c.d.s (Share Why, Stories, etc.)

    I don't feel like cutting and pasting a bunch of links to pictures so here they are. Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits: This album is what got me into classic rock, even though they'er not really classic rock persay, they opend the gate way. I hate to name the same band twice, but this album...
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    Hello from Wiltshire!

    Hi, Wilcey. You seem like a fun interesting person. I look forword to getting to know you as well as others at this forum. I'm jealous, I wish I could travel -.-
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    Hello fellow Rock Lovers.

    Hi Everyone, My name is Krista, I'm 21 years old. I have 6 siblings 2 sisters; 4 borthers and a niece turning 2 in march. I'm the youngest girl and I've been loving classic rock music sense I was 14. How it happend was, I was out shopping with my mom trying to find a present for my dad...

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