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    Emerald (Official Thread)

    Emerald Official Website Wasn't sure where to post this since they've been around since 2006 but are still active today. For those who don't know about Emerald, they're a 5-piece melodic rock band with an awesome classic guitar sound. They've been touring for the past 3 years where they've...
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    Indigo Road New Music, Old sound

    Hey Guys, For a new band this band have a very mature sound. Indigo Road. They are definately causing a stir in London, theyre singer is has been a hiden London talent for years! Its beautiful music Enjoy it!
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    Eutopia - Valentine {single} (2008)

    Eutopia - Valentine (2008 SR Recordings) These guys have certainly got something, the single has a timeless classic rock sound spread across two tracks, 'Valentine' and B-side 'I'm Not Alone'. I picked up the single online having seen the band in London a couple of times. I was very...

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