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  1. sgunko902

    Websites that promote rock music.

    For the rock music population, I plan to create an attractive and optimized platform. But I think it's no secret to anyone that it's costly. But I managed to find a way for marketplace website development to be optimal, efficient, but also provide a large amount of traffic from search engines...
  2. sgunko902

    What was your first concert?

    My father showed me a tape of his favorite band AC/DC concert in England in 1991. It was just love at first sight. I fell in love with this band not only for their hits, but also for the emotions they gave me at my first concert, even though I was not at it live, even though I watched it already...
  3. sgunko902

    what should i buy

    Really, why deprive yourself of pleasure and give up something you really like. Take both albums and enjoy your favorite music. And if you don't have enough money to buy, you can always find a way out. You can even consider a loan for a short period of time. I...
  4. sgunko902

    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    I woke up today and realized that my playlist is getting a little boring, so I decided to look for something new or well forgotten old. So I went to the pirate bay looking for something interesting. I accidentally stumbled upon Pink Floyd's album The Dark Side of the Moon, which I miraculously...
  5. sgunko902

    Song To Fit Your Current Mood

    Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice. But I probably won't be relaxing right now, sipping gin and juice. Enough is enough. I sipped so long once already that I had to pass am i an alcoholic quiz. I want to hold back now and not resort to using alcohol and illegal substances. I'd rather go to the gym and...
  6. sgunko902

    Songs with alcoholic drink in the title

    I haven't heard such songs yet, but I have heard songs about other substances. Ska-P - Cannabis, I don't really like this song, probably because it directly promotes cannabis use. It's one thing when someone promotes cbd and easy delivery from cbd2heal, which do not contain thc, which are...
  7. sgunko902

    Worst songs ever made

    Ska-P - Cannabis, I do not really like this song, probably because it directly promotes the use of cannabis. One thing when someone promotes cbd canada, which do not contain thc that are harmful because they have a psychoactive property and from it is not possible to get high. For this reason, I...
  8. sgunko902

    Best Documentary?

    I really enjoyed the movie Wolf of Wall Street. It is a great documentary that shows us how young and ambitious guys made the decision oregon llc to make big money. In some ways this movie is about greed, narcissism, and selfishness. All the characters only care about themselves and don't care...
  9. sgunko902

    As you cope with the help of music.

    Music is the most subtle and yet the most influential sphere of culture. It can be the most powerful instrument of both perfection and creation and destruction. For example, punk rock fans were notable for their aversion to all sorts of authority, their inclination to carry weapons, at one time...
  10. sgunko902

    Music Video's From Your Past...

    It's been a long time since I heard Miss Crazy. Thank you, it brings back memories. :geetar:
  11. sgunko902

    Favourite Band of the 2000s?

    Linkin Park Avenged Sevenfold Green Day Snow Patrol Korn Nickelback Slipknot Fall Out Boy System of a Down
  12. sgunko902

    Best Led Zeppelin Album?

    Whole Lotta Love. This is probably the best track for me. I have it on every playlist in the car
  13. sgunko902

    Funny Commercials Thread

    Funny commercial. Does anyone remember the Super Bowl commercial with American actress Betty White? Where she In the commercial, one of the players turns into White while he is playing soccer in the yard. He becomes himself again when he eats a Snickers bar.

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