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  1. Belexes

    Pallas - The Dreams of Men

    A beautiful effort from the scottish neo-proggers. IMO, Pallas at their best are as good as IQ, Pendragon and - dare I say it - Marillion. I highly recommended this album. Here's the opening: 3Kb5GOUa3hI And my favorite track from the album: vbs-15QxuDY "We're sailing to America - on...
  2. Belexes

    Ray Price (Official Thread)

    On the twelfth of january the great Ray Price will be 85 years old. I repeat: 85! Ray Price on Wikipedia Ray Price Discography Fan Club That is completely staggering to me, since he sounds virtually as good as he always has. I mean, listen to this clip from 2010: wbQG007nCPM Or...
  3. Belexes

    Ritual - The Hemulic Voluntary Band

    Ritual is a Swedish band in the folk-prog genre, although they often sound more like Yes than Jethro Tull. Anyway, the album in question is in my opinion a masterpiece. 9/10 at least. The album is somewhat based on the Moomin-characters by the finnish author Tove Jansson. Generally we're...
  4. Belexes

    evenin' all

    Belexes here. 33 year old guy from Norway. I work as a sysadmin and like music and fancy beer. :grinthumb Musical favorites include The Boss, Kansas (hence the nick), Genesis, Marillion, dirty country music, rockabilly and tons of metal, especially heavy, doom and thrash.

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