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  1. Dual

    Syd Barrett Exhibition/Lauch of new Barrett book

    Yeah, I just enjoy the psychedelic sound much more, although their progressive rock stuff, all of the most well known albums I think are great aswell. I'm similar with the Rolling Stones, I personally find the Brian Jones years/albums far superior to anything they put out after he left the...
  2. Dual

    Syd Barrett Exhibition/Lauch of new Barrett book

    Yeah, both of his solo albums are superb. Currently trying to track them down on vinyl but they are pricey. The same goes for a decent copy of Piper at the Gates on vinyl aswell. Piper at the Gates is definitely my favourite Pink Floyd album though, it's genius, the epitome of psychedelic rock.
  3. Dual

    Syd Barrett Exhibition/Lauch of new Barrett book

    This is probably my favourite track from Piper at the Gates: C8sNEedLeHY The epitome of 'psychedelic' in my opinion.
  4. Dual

    Syd Barrett Exhibition/Lauch of new Barrett book

    He released two solo albums after he left Pink Floyd, both in 1970, The Madcap Laughs and Barrett.
  5. Dual

    Syd Barrett Exhibition/Lauch of new Barrett book

    Yeah, sorry, it was Gilmour that said that, but as you say, I think the band genuinely missed the guy and liked him a great deal but it was just because he was so 'out there' and not playing with a full deck at the time that they had to remove him from the band.
  6. Dual

    Syd Barrett Exhibition/Lauch of new Barrett book

    Yeah, well, I don't think he was 100% there with regards to his mental state but as you say, all things considered at least he had a life. Also, he always got his royalties from the Pink Floyd material, apparently David Gilmour made sure the money reached him.
  7. Dual

    Syd Barrett Exhibition/Lauch of new Barrett book

    Nah, he went back to live in Cambridge apparently, basically just went about a 'normal' life, he started painting and gardening. He went back to his original name though 'Roger Barrett', and wanted nothing to do with 'Syd Barrett'. His family apparently issued 'public appeals' asking people to...
  8. Dual

    Syd Barrett Exhibition/Lauch of new Barrett book

    I think it was sad what happened to him but I guess you can say he only had himself to blame, he took the drugs etc. I find it strange how he became a recluse, just an average joe guy who shunned his former life, well, obviously he had issues with mental illness, but he was revered as an...
  9. Dual

    Harvest vs Highway 61 Revisited

    Highway 61, every song is a classic, Tombstone Blues is one of my favourites.
  10. Dual

    Battle of Megadeths discography.

    Peace Sells and Rust in Peace, both pretty definitive and representative of Megadeth as whole imo, just two superb Thrash albums.
  11. Dual

    My Generation vs Out Of Our Heads

    Out of Our Heads, although it's pretty close but I think the Stones edge it for me, just prefer their early stuff.
  12. Dual

    Artists/bands that saved the 80s from total oblivion

    Japan: vq-XvZ9TK98 p5w_hSUUG1c sgbPBcUP0kA
  13. Dual

    Television Theme Songs.

    Both superb shows, always liked the Get Smart opening sequence with the doors. On a similar note: oOOFdNWPP04 Another great show, way before my time like the ones above, but I love all of the 60's TV shows (well, along with 70's & 80's TV aswell). :D
  14. Dual

    Television Theme Songs.

    A few favourites here: Twin Peaks: i7d0Lm_31BE LOST (it's still a theme, lol): PNX5AuL9YpY Doctor Who (original 60's version of course): 8NPJ6GMXM3E Buffy: 1UoOkHIDdfE
  15. Dual

    Most Underrated Rock Band (One Choice Only!)

    The Gun Club without a doubt, the best punk band ever to exist in my opinion. I would say they are more unknown to be honest, it's insane how few people know about this superb band. The minority of people that do know of them know how great they truly are. There exists no bad album by the band...
  16. Dual

    R.I.P Mick Karn [Japan ]

    Japan, great band and one of my favourites, and Mick Karn was a great bassist. A sad loss to the music world. R.I.P.
  17. Dual

    Who is your favorite Scottish music artist or band?

    The Jesus and Mary Chain and Belle and Sebastian are two of my favourite Scottish bands. _w9sCTtZ9EA EUCZNufUiIQ
  18. Dual

    Captain Beefheart Dies at 69

    Man, I was just going onto the main Beefheart fan website to look at the news updates and I saw a BBC link with an obituary and I literally had to double-take at it. I'm pretty shocked to be honest, didn't expect that. My favourite artist of all time ever since I first listened to his music a...
  19. Dual

    Trout Mask Replica

    Beefheart (and the Magic Band, as if it weren't for them the music wouldn't exist), are absolute genius in my opinion. No bad album exists by them, even the 'Tragic Band' stuff is still highly enjoyable to me. I prefer the Decals album to Trout Mask but Trout Mask is still a 10 without a doubt.
  20. Dual

    Alice Cooper to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

    Cooper, Dr. John & Tom Waits, great line-up of inductees there in my opinion, all superb. When is Captain Beefheart gonna be inducted then?
  21. Dual

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Re: Iron Maiden Yeah, I realise my opinion on Maiden is one of a small minority of fans. I don't dislike the Bruce albums, I still own all of the 80's stuff upto Seventh Son which is all enjoyable Heavy Metal/NWOBHM. I just enjoy the Di'Anno stuff a lot more because of the previously mentioned...
  22. Dual

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Re: Iron Maiden I find the first two Di'Anno Maiden albums far superior to anything they have released since then. I just think they have a unique quality about them, that you can really detect a proper Punk and Heavy Metal fusion. As Di'Anno's vocals and some of the arrangements and guitar...
  23. Dual

    Music you like/love that's not really made for your gender?

    I like a bunch of the Riot Grrrl bands which was an 'underground feminist punk movement' according to Wikipedia, so not exactly aimed at guys I guess. But the music is still great, bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile and the Lunachicks put out some great records.
  24. Dual

    Frankie Boyle

    Sadowits is definitely way OTT crazy. But he rips into everyone and everything. His act is essentially an hour and a half rant mixed with live magic (he's one of the best card magicians in the world today apparently).
  25. Dual

    Would you give up digital and go back to vinyl music?

    Just because a record shop is based in the UK doesn't mean that's where the record was manufactured. Lots of the record shops stock releases by independant companies from all over the globe which is what I mean. You will definitely be able to get that record you want for a lot cheaper than...

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