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    Clever names for cover bands.

    Fake That Wrong Direction
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    Remembering Terry Kath

    I saw Chicago live at the time of their U.K. number one “If you leave me now”, a wonderful song which unfortunately led to a procession of ballads which in my opinion seemed to get more and more middle of the road. Terry’s innovative guitar on the first Chicago albums seemed a world away.
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    If classic rock didn't exist....

    Without rock I would still have pop, jazz, folk and classical music. More than enough to be going on with.
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    Jimmy Webb - His Music.

    I recently read Jimmy Webb’s book on songwriting, which must be absolutely the last word on the subject. It’s full of humour, interesting anecdotes and should be required reading for any budding songsmith. I also recently got CDs of the albums he wrote for Richard Harris which are excellent. I...
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    Album disapoinetment of 2020?

    McCartney 3 - whatever he does should be heard, but maybe he’s better off writing for others to sing from now on. That great voice has really suffered from the hammering it’s taken over six decades.
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    So what's your favorite album of 2020?

    Cliff Richard - Music...the air that I breathe Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways Jamie Cullum - The Pianoman at Christmas (all new songs written by Jamie - a triumph). Elton John - Jewel Box, and Moscow live 1979.
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    He'll Never Walk Alone.

    I saw Gerry twice, first time was before 72,000 of us at Wembley Stadium in 1989 at Sir Cliff Richard’s celebration of his first 30 years in music. Probably the biggest audience he ever played to. My wife and I saw him 20 years later on a 60s package show, and he delivered the goods again.
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    Nirvana... 60s Nirvana! New box set Announced

    I love Rainbow Chaser and Pentecost Hotel. Some of the best music from the late 60s. The later Nirvana just sounds like noise.
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    ☆War Songs☆

    Edwin Starr said it all. War - what is it good for ? Absolutely nothing.
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    Tell Us About Your Fave 'Classic' Album

    Aladdin Sane by David Bowie. This album has everything, great songs, outrageously good playing and some wonderful straight-ahead rock ‘n roll. Mike Garson’s eccentric piano playing adds a touch of humour, making a virtue out of discord. Released in 1973 at the peak of his creativity and at the...
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    Call Me Number One.

    I loved the Tremeloes happy records in the 60s - they were a reminder that music should be fun and enjoyable, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth doing. There’s a place for social comment, but rock music got very bogged down in politics in the late 60s - the Tremeloes were an antidote to all that...
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    Alice Cooper - "Elected" (Official Lyric Video)

    I love to see the chimp on the phone - says it all, really.
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    What is your "go to" summer album?

    Summer album ? Summer means the Beach Boys - sunshine, surfing, cars, girls...Any Beach Boys album is good in summer (or any other time for that matter), but Summer days and summer nights is quintessential summer music.
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    What's your favorite Dire Straits song?

    I love Private Investigations, On every street, Walk of life, Money for nothing, Solid Rock....can’t single out one. They were unique.
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    Battle of the classics The Mamas And The Papas vs. The Byrds

    Both great tracks, but Turn Turn Turn borrowed lyrically from the Bible, whereas California Dreamin’ was an original lyric. Apart from that, you can’t really separate them because they’re both 60s classics.
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    Top 114 Rock Songs of 1971 - Countdown

    The Beach Boys came up with Surf’s up, one of their best albums, around 1971, but it’s an interesting list.
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    The Shadows

    Meanwhile, back with the theme of this thread. The Shadows story was told in a very recent BBC TV documentary, and their collective and separate stories are fascinating. Brian Bennett, one of the greatest drummers in popular music, is also a highly successful composer of music for TV and films...
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    Hotel California vs. Free Bird?

    Some strange pairings here ! Both of these are classics in their own way. If I could have only one it would be Hotel California because lyrically it’s more interesting and it’s well-played although it’s not as spontaneous-sounding as Free Bird. FB is the ultimate air guitar classic, the solo is...
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    The Shadows

    The Shadows influenced so many people. George Harrison said “no Shadows, no Beatles”. In Hamburg the Beatles recorded an instrumental tribute “Cry for a Shadow”. Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Dave Gilmour and Brian May have all put on record the debt they owe to Hank Marvin. Neil...
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    Linda Ronstadt (Offiicial Thread)

    Just found this thread, and I have to say that Linda has been unbelievably underrated in the U.K. She did a couple of gigs here in 1976, one in London and one in Birmingham, but chart wise, apart from a couple of duets which didn’t show her full vocal range, it was pretty disappointing. Her...
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    Put a song by the artist/band mentioned above you

    *** on feel the noize Sutherland Brothers
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    R.I.P. Wayne Fontana

    At the moment I’m reading a superb updated biography of 10cc - Eric Stewart describes how Wayne Fontana walked away from the Mindbenders at the height of their success when they’d just had a US number one. Wayne’s solo career didn’t take off, and he seems to have had a troubled time since then...
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    Lyric Quotes

    “Furry-backed bees with a tireless drone, never moan - they’re happy to be working. And a grasshopper green, often heard but not seen, while a light aeroplane sprays the fields with the silvery rain.” Written by Hank Marvin.
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    Trying to decide on a Joe Walsh album for my collection

    So What is a superb album which shows the full range of his talent, with a classical piece included. Just enjoy ! You can’t one of my very favourite live albums. I was lucky to see him at Wembley Stadium in 1975 on a bill that featured the Eagles, the Beach Boys, Chaka Khan and...
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    Man Of The World...Dies at 73.

    One of the greatest blues guitarists the U.K. has produced, he and his group made some wonderful music. I loved Need your love so bad, Oh well, Albatross, Green Manalishi, Black Magic Woman and especially Man of the world. It was sad that he was lost to music for so long, and somewhat miraculous...

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