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  1. Sox

    Blast From The Past

    I had to smile today, having dropped off my time sheets at work I carried on riding through the Peak district. An area of real outstanding beauty in central England. Anyway from the Hope valley where my depot is I aimed for Chatsworth Park. This is where I came upon a Mod/Scooter rally. I now...
  2. Sox

    Amberian Dawn

    A band from Finland formed in 2006, yet another top notch group of Scandinavian musicians of which there seems to be and endless supply at the moment. They have a Powerful Symphonic style which caught my ear in much the same way Epica and Nightwish did. A passive non judgmental listening to...
  3. Sox

    Well Covered

    Covers again, but ones you enjoy and think do justice to the song. Sometimes the original takes a bit of beating but some covers are very close and some are better. See what crops up. A Taste Of Honey .. great tune covered by many artists, my thinking is The Beatles did a really top notch job...
  4. Sox


    Another cracking band on the Nuclear Blast label. This heavy trio from Berlin released their self titled debut in 2012. They have the riffs and more, playing a mix of 70's influenced stoner/psychedelic/space rock but again with their own stamp being the key. Members Christoph „Lupus“ Lindemann...
  5. Sox

    The Vintage Caravan

    This could well be a band to look out for. A trio from Greater Reykjavik with their feet firmly rooted in the hard rock of the 60's and 70's. They have been around a while but are about to release their Nuclear Blast debut album "Voyage". Kings Voyage BT7QtJR00do Cocaine Sally...
  6. Sox

    30 Years From Now

    If folk are still collecting in the future I wonder which albums from the 2000's people will consider classic rock gems in thirty years time. Which will be real collectors items, which will make most of the top lists etc. I think there could be quite a few contenders. I'd put the Graveyard...
  7. Sox

    Scorpion Child (Official Thread)

    From Austin Texas Scorpion Child a hard rocking outfit that hark back to the classic hooks and riffs of the 70's. I have their first self titled CD on order and am looking forward to giving it some play. Polygon Of Eyes nYw9hFeonW8
  8. Sox

    One Thing Leads To Another

    Connections ... follow each vid with any kind of valid and hopefully informative connection, see where we end up ... :D A classic to kick off, Peter Green giving an early indication of his inner torment with this 1969 hit "Man Of The World". Some of the tastiest guitar work I've ever heard...
  9. Sox

    Dio (Official Thread)

    Official Website Following his departure from Black Sabbath Ronnie James Dio got together with fellow ex-Sab bandmate Vinny Appice, they picked up Jimmy Bain and went in search of a guitar man. Eventually with Viv Campbell on board it was time to get to work in the studio. The result was the...
  10. Sox

    Pagan Altar (Official Thread)

    Official Website Formed in 1976 they later became part of the NWOBHM movement but their sound had a much more Doom laden influence with the odd occult prop here and there. They only released a tape at that time "Vol 1" but it has since been released on Oracle Records. The band are still active...
  11. Sox

    Three Of The Best

    Your favourites ... A run of three back to back albums by any band. I'll kick off with Deep Purple and the incredible MK II first three. In Rock 1970, Fireball 1971, Machine Head 1972. They were a band on fire contributing to the Hard Rock standard of the day and helping create a Heavy Metal...
  12. Sox

    Firebird (Official Thread)

    Firebird UK band formed in 1999 they cut their first self titled album in 2000. Bill Steer ex ****** Death guitar man shifts his mood and knocks out some wicked power blues/rock with a heavy 70's vibe (and why not?). Albums Firebird CD (2000 Rise Above Records) Deluxe CD/LP (2001...
  13. Sox


    The band kicked off about 2008 but they signed with Hassle Records in 2011. They play a kind of mixed bag heavy rock, alternative rock, metal, punk, psychedelia ? Anyway Sweaty and myself trundled off to see them in Sheffield and they put on a belter of a show. The frontman is a star :grinthumb...
  14. Sox

    Rolling Stone Top 10 Prog Albums

    Prog rock albums ... 1. Dream Theater: Metropolos Part 2: Scenes From a Memory (1999) 2. Rush: 2112 (1976) 3. Yes: Close to the Edge (1972) 4. Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) 5. Genesis: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974) 6. King Crimson: In the Court of the Crimson...
  15. Sox

    Hidden 80's Classic Tracks

    I was listening to the 80's music getting some stick again from a mate of mine and thought actually how many great tunes kind of got overlooked or buried. So I thought it would be good to dig a few out. So if you feel inclined put up a couple of hidden pearls. Black Sabbath "Children Of The...
  16. Sox

    Eric Clapton "Just The Blues"

    Eric is in my opinion one of the most important musicians to come out of the UK, he impressed and influenced a generation of like minded players. I wanted to start a thread to discuss just his blues and bluesrock contributions. Born in 1945 Eric grew up in Ripley, Surrey right on the edge of...
  17. Sox

    Happy Birthday Zombeels

    :cheers2 All The Best :cheers2 Many Happy Returns.
  18. Sox

    Happy Birthday Death On Credit

    :cheers2 All The Best :cheers2
  19. Sox

    Ten Years After (Official Thread)

    Ten Years After Official Website Formed in 1966 ten years after the Elvis '56 sessions hence the band name. A UK based blues/rock group that would eventually storm on to the world stage. Alvin Lee (Guitar), Leo Lyons (Bass), Chick Churchill (Keys) and Rick Lee(Drums), four great musicians...
  20. Sox

    Get Well Soon Tony

    Guitar legend Tony Iommi has been diagnosed with early stages of cancer our thoughts go out to him and his family. Get well soon Tony All the best.
  21. Sox

    The Dolmen (Official Thread)

    A mix of Pagan,Celtic, Medievil Folk/Rock. The band hail from Weymouth Dorset UK and they know how to knock out a tune. They got together in 1990 and are still doing the rounds today. Members Tony (Taloch) Jameson Keri Pinney Josh Elliott Kaleigh Marchant Chris Jones 1994...
  22. Sox

    Knock UP A Gem.

    Just for fun put together a compilation of songs from various bands that are either your favourites or that you think best represents that musical genre. Keep it to about ten songs if possible. I'll kick off with a Blues/Rock stormer. :D Track List: 1. Crest Of A Wave - Rory Gallagher 2...
  23. Sox

    Where's the gig ?

    I thought it could be a good idea to tip the old hat to the venues. I have been very lucky and have visited some pretty special concert hall's, arena's and festivals. A couple of my favourites are right on my door step ... Buxton Opera House Derbyshire UK. What a place "world class" in my...
  24. Sox

    Knocked For Six

    Albums that knocked your cap off or left a lasting impression from the very first play. I'll kick off with ... The album that started it all off for me, I picked it up as a young lad and right from the opening track I was completely bowled over. I still have the gatefold tucked away...
  25. Sox

    Alice Cooper

    Sweaty and me nipped to Sheffield to catch Alice last night. All I can say is what a brilliant show, if you get the chance it's a must. Set List Vincent Price intro 1.The Black Widow 2.Brutal Planet 3.I'm Eighteen 4.Under My Wheels 5.Billion Dollar Babies 6.No More Mr. Nice...

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