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  1. ILoveJimmyPage

    "Wild" songs!

    Let's name as many songs as we can with wild in the title, just for fun. One at a time please. :) I'll start... Wild Mountain Honey ~ Steve Miller Band eh_0oaJcMgY
  2. ILoveJimmyPage

    List of Punk Rock/Garage Rock/Indie Rock Official Threads

    Here is the list of Punk Rock/Garage Rock/Indie Rock threads: 0-9 20 Bulls Each A A Wilhelm Scream Abandoned Pools The Adicts The Adolescents Against Me! Agent Orange The Apples In Stereo The Arkells Arson Anthem B The B-52's Babes in Toyland Bad Brains Bad Religion Band of Horses Big...
  3. ILoveJimmyPage

    Tony Award winner cast as Janis Joplin for upcoming biopic

    New details today on the upcoming film "Joplin". Tony award-winning actress Nina Arianda will both star and sing in the film (21 songs, to be exact). She is said to have that same raspiness to her voice that made Janis Joplin famous, though the physical similarities aren't exact. Virtual...
  4. ILoveJimmyPage

    Happy Birthday Cosmic Harmony!

    Happy Birthday Cosmic Harmony! To my wonderful forum sister and one of the smartest and most interesting people on the forum... have a happy birthday and live it up, you only turn 21 once! :grinthumb Here's a Freddie cake for ya. ;)
  5. ILoveJimmyPage

    All Hail the Queen! (Part 2)

    Pick your 4 favorite "Queen" songs. :grinthumb Dragon Queen ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs LzEdAwT_Jh4 Caribbean Queen ~ Billy Ocean Lb8ZhVJUAxw Snow White Queen ~ Evanescence CiOujYl2TjM Queen ***** ~ David Bowie S5P63qGTm_g Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen ~ Santana mTbFNsBy73I...
  6. ILoveJimmyPage

    All Hail the Queen! (Part 1)

    Pick your 4 favorite "Queen" songs. :grinthumb Little Queen ~ Heart xQkQMpsmZhw Killer Queen ~ Queen BAf2S6ij2gk Mississippi Queen ~ Mountain fMXeZWv6AS0 Dancing Queen ~ ABBA xFrGuyw1V8s Venice Queen ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers bPTBq18shxo Rocket Queen ~ Guns 'N Roses...
  7. ILoveJimmyPage

    Baby, I Love Your Way...

    Which cover, if any, of Peter Frampton's classic do you prefer? Both of these fared pretty well on the charts too. :) Big Mountain nV22XYxFC1g vs. Will to Power (also includes a bit of Freebird) qEY3kXmauDA
  8. ILoveJimmyPage

    Keith Moon to perform at 2012 London Olympic Games?

    Only problem... he's been deceased for 34 years now, but Olympic organizers didn't know that apparently when they asked The Who's manager if Moon the Loon would play this summer. :bonk: Keith Moon, The Who drummer who died in 1978, was invited to play at the Olympics | Fourth-Place Medal -...
  9. ILoveJimmyPage

    Happy Birthday AboutAGirl!

    Happy Birthday AboutAGirl! AAG is a longterm member here who is very intelligent and appreciates a wide array of music including pop, rock and hip-hop, which makes the forum that much more fun in my opinion! I have always enjoyed our conversations and appreciated your love for Katy, Zeppelin...
  10. ILoveJimmyPage

    Child In Time vs. Achilles Last Stand

    Child In Time ~ Deep Purple PfAWReBmxEs vs. Achilles Last Stand ~ Led Zeppelin ZF3DCq1B09g
  11. ILoveJimmyPage

    The Fratellis

    The Fratellis The Fratellis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia One lazy evening last year I was cruising Pandora on a White Stripes station and up popped the Fratellis, an over-the-top and entirely upbeat indie rock trio that hails from Scotland. Their repetitive and catchy music...
  12. ILoveJimmyPage

    Happy Birthday Tray!

    Happy Birthday Tray! It's her birthday officially on the other side of the big pond. Tray is one of the sweetest and most lovely ladies I have ever encountered in my e-travels. She truly is a light to the forum and I can't imagine this place without her. I love that she joins in on the newer...
  13. ILoveJimmyPage

    Happy Birthday gcczep!

    Happy Birthday gcczep! It's a "Celebration Day"! To my best Zep buddy on the forum, who is just a cool and laid back dude in general and hooks me up with some sweet Zep stuff. Glad we have been able to bond over our love and devotion to the best band of all time! By the way... I don't think...
  14. ILoveJimmyPage

    Band of Skulls (Official Thread)

    Band of Skulls Band of Skulls Official Website Band of Skulls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Band of Skulls is an alternative English rock trio that is a relatively new find for me. The band consists of lead vocalist Russell Marsden, bassist Emma Richardson and Matt Hayward on...
  15. ILoveJimmyPage

    Happy Birthday eberg!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Tom prepared a cake for ya! :grinthumb
  16. ILoveJimmyPage

    Steven Tyler goes country!

    This is pretty awesome! I'm a huge fan of artists from different genres coming together and rocking it out! Below is a video from the Academy of Country Music Awards last year. Look for Steven around the 1:40 mark. They first cover her hit "Undo It" then lead into a rendition of "Walk This...
  17. ILoveJimmyPage

    Elton John to be portrayed in biopic by...

    According to many upon many sources, Elton John is busy working on a biopic of his life, and who is tops on his list of actors to portray him on the big screen? None other than former NSYNC frontman-turned-solo-superstar Justin Timberlake! Elton John wants Timberlake to play him in...
  18. ILoveJimmyPage

    Happy New Year CRF!

    May you and your loved ones all have a safe and blessed 2012! Since it is closer to 2012 in other areas of the world our members reside , here's a message to all of the wonderful members here! May 2012 bring you many blessed and cherished memories and be even better than 2011. Happy New Year...
  19. ILoveJimmyPage

    Happy Birthday Magic!

    Happy Birthday Magic! It’s officially the 26th her time and I just wanted to wish our forum queen a very happy birthday! Magic is one of the coolest ladies here and knows how to have a good time while still keeping the forum in line and I’ve really enjoyed my chats with her. So here’s to...
  20. ILoveJimmyPage

    Please Come Home For Christmas: Bon Jovi vs. The Eagles

    Which do you prefer? Bon Jovi BV8sHLAEHq0 vs. The Eagles GZaRsJ_9Ukk
  21. ILoveJimmyPage

    Stairway to Heaven: Mary J. Blige, Steve Vai, Orianthi, Travis Barker

    If anyone has time to watch the whole thing I'd love to hear a rock fan's take on this performance. From two or three years ago on Idol Gives Back. I believe there is a studio version but this performance is what I remembered. :grinthumb 7_E3k54ZCC8
  22. ILoveJimmyPage

    2012 Grammy Nominees

    Here's the complete list of the 2012 Grammy Nominees. As expected, Adele clinched a ton of nominations with her smash hit album "21"... Nominees And Winners | And here's an article about the nominees to sum it up. Sooty will be happy to know Kanye and Adele are tops! :grinthumb...
  23. ILoveJimmyPage

    MGMT (Official Thread)

    MGMT MGMT Official Website MGMT - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia MGMT is a Grammy-nominated alternative rock band (though I've also heard them described as a modern day psychedelic rock band or indie rock) that gained prominence with their smash hit debut album Oracular Spectacular...
  24. ILoveJimmyPage

    Nickelback gets no love from sports fans

    Apparently Detroit football fans are so outraged and embarrassed that the NFL is planning to have Nickelback perform at their Thanksgiving game halftime show this year that they've created a petition to keep them out of Lions territory! :heheh: Detroit wants to disinvite Nickelback from its...
  25. ILoveJimmyPage

    Led Zeppelin Live Albums

    I've been wondering which is the overall favorite for Zep live albums (excluding all bootlegs) on the forum. Which do you prefer? BBC Sessions The Song Remains the Same How the West Was Won

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