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  1. charles_ryder

    Black Willows

    "Black Willows" is a psychedelic/space rock band from Lausanne, Switzerland. Their music influenced by 70's psychedelic rock and desert rock. At the same time their sound maybe describe as shamanistic and hypnotic, and sounds of heavy guitars and of sitar immerses a listener in trance. One of...
  2. charles_ryder

    Iron Claw

    Iron Claw - hard rock band from Dumfries, Scotland. Formed in 1969 by bass-guitarist Alex Wilson. Broke up in 1974. Reformed in 2010. First studio album issued in 2011. But Iron Claw finally broked in 2013. "...On January 15th 1971 at Edinburgh Empire, Iron Claw met Black Sabbath after their...
  3. charles_ryder

    Witchfinder General

    NWBHM act, one of the first doom metal acts, british band from Stourbridge Witchfinder General. Formed in 1979. Official Website Metal Archives Wikipedia Discography 1982 Death Penalty 1983 Friends of Hell 2008 Resurrected LXXxh1fq8sw

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