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  1. charles_ryder

    Bert Jansch

    Yes, Bert was a great man. Wonderful musician and singer. I just read his biography - he was a cool man.
  2. charles_ryder

    Twisted Sister (Official Thread)

    I'm read Snider's book when I was a teenager. And I heared "Stay Hungry" at the same time - this is fine album. It was true metal for me
  3. charles_ryder

    Cinderella (Official Thread)

    Nice band. I'm loved them in the end of 80's. "Night Songs" was one of my favorite albums.
  4. charles_ryder

    Why the 70's were the best decade of rock music

    70's was a greatest rock decade because it was a time when rised up up amazing British and American musicians: Jethro Tull, Van Der Graaf, Groundhogs, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Yes, Queen, Slade, Frank Zappa (his best albums are in 70's), Kansas, Pavlov's Dog, Ten...
  5. charles_ryder

    Deep Purple (Official Thread)

    It was a long long time ago... I was a schoolboy, and I loved Deep Purple. All around me loved them... If they known about them, of course. Now I'm adult man, and the band still playing.
  6. charles_ryder

    Black Willows

    "Black Willows" is a psychedelic/space rock band from Lausanne, Switzerland. Their music influenced by 70's psychedelic rock and desert rock. At the same time their sound maybe describe as shamanistic and hypnotic, and sounds of heavy guitars and of sitar immerses a listener in trance. One of...
  7. charles_ryder

    Iron Claw

    Iron Claw - hard rock band from Dumfries, Scotland. Formed in 1969 by bass-guitarist Alex Wilson. Broke up in 1974. Reformed in 2010. First studio album issued in 2011. But Iron Claw finally broked in 2013. "...On January 15th 1971 at Edinburgh Empire, Iron Claw met Black Sabbath after their...
  8. charles_ryder

    The Black Angels [Official thread ]

    Awesome band with psychedelic sound. I like all their albums. I hear in the last album reminiscences of The Byrds, The Beatles and of early Rolling Stones.
  9. charles_ryder

    Favourite 80s metal singer

    Imo James Hetfield is a best metal singer at all.
  10. charles_ryder

    Witchfinder General

    NWBHM act, one of the first doom metal acts, british band from Stourbridge Witchfinder General. Formed in 1979. Official Website Metal Archives Wikipedia Discography 1982 Death Penalty 1983 Friends of Hell 2008 Resurrected LXXxh1fq8sw
  11. charles_ryder

    NWOBHM Bands

    I vote fore "Death Penalty". Witchfinder General is a great band. They are unique band in the NWBHM. I prefer them to Maiden and to all others.
  12. charles_ryder

    Flotsam and Jetsam (Official Thread)

    When I first time heard this band in early 90's, my friends attested them as "misfits", because Jason Newsted... etc. But I like this band, especially their first album. And without Newsted they are ok.
  13. charles_ryder

    Metallica (Official Thread)

    "Bluesy material" is the Load/Reload, isn't it? Yes, I like some fragments of this stuff.
  14. charles_ryder

    Exodus (Official Thread)

    Exodus are the classic thrash metal band. "Bonded by Blood" is a great record. Other albums contains a good material, even the lost albums.
  15. charles_ryder

    Exciter (Official Thread)

    Cool band, especially the early albums. I think Exciter and Razor are the quintessence of speed metal. When I listen their early albums I hear 80's spirit as it is.
  16. charles_ryder

    Metallica (Official Thread)

    It's not so good definition. What do you want to say in our context?
  17. charles_ryder

    Metallica (Official Thread)

    I am not metal purist. But I had another experience: I listened Metallica for a two years, and I knew them like a best thrash metal band in the world. And then they issued mainstream album... I was disappointed, and I still remember this disappointment.
  18. charles_ryder

    Kinks (Official Thread)

    Kinks were very progressive and inventive band. They progressed from album to album. And if they had more effective management, may be... The history of rock could be another.
  19. charles_ryder

    Echo & The Bunnymen

    My favorite post punk band. The first three albums are chef d'oeuvres.
  20. charles_ryder


    Nice band, they has a natural psychedelic sound. And their music is very interesting.
  21. charles_ryder

    Cirith Ungol (Official Thread)

    Yes, great band. All their albums are classics.
  22. charles_ryder

    Blood Ceremony (Official Thread)

    Oh, this is new great band. They has a nice sound and music.
  23. charles_ryder

    Annihilator (Official Thread)

    Alice in Hell was a great album, one of the best thrash albums at all. But their last issue is not a genial.
  24. charles_ryder

    Amorphis (Official Thread)

    Tales From The Thousand Lakes is a classic albums. Unfortunately today they are not the same band like I knew in 1995.
  25. charles_ryder

    Accept (Official Thread)

    Great band. I like they albums "Balls to the Wall" and "Metal Heart". But their last two albums are very good too. I'm so glad that they are still plays. 8FgRpDaCNF4

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