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    Status Quo "Frantic Four" era reunite [again] in 2014

    The boys are back! Tickets on general sale 9am GMT. That link on the picture is for the pre-sale, with all the UK dates currently sold out. This is the one: Status Quo 2014 Reunion tickets
  2. Powerage

    Van Halen over Europe?

    Quoted from Classic Rock Magazine PpNjd4HNTPI
  3. Powerage

    The Return of... David Bowie

    Taken from Follow the link to the NME page and the video is on there to watch. Not sure if where you are in the World affects viewing though.
  4. Powerage

    Status Quo - "The Frantic Four" Reunion March 2013

    Taken from the official Status Quo web-site I have tickets for both nights at Hammersmith and will probably do Wembley Arena on the Sunday night as well. Most of the dates are sold out now, but there are still some tickets left, especially Wembley. For those not in the know, this is the...
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    The first Download Festival 2013 headliner is...

    Source: Download Festival Web-Site Second Headliner announced later today [21st September] at 10am GMT. I'm hoping for Van Halen...
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    UK Gig Alert - The Cult Arena Tour

    Tickets on general sale priced at £42.75 [including Booking Fee] this Friday. If you have an 02 mobile phone you can get pre-sale tickets NOW, which is what I have done :grinthumb
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    The 2012 UK Festivals Thread

    So I thought I would try and contribute a bit more to the forum. I realise that a lot of you good people live in the States or elsewhere and so this thread may be utterly pointless in the long run as the numbers on here that might attend are likely to be very small, but the UK has a very rich...
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    Van Halen - Full Track - The Trouble With Never

    Link Oh My God!
  9. Powerage

    Deadly Storm Strikes Belgium's Pukkelpop Festival Twice in the space of a week, in different parts of the World... Unbelievable. Thoughts with those affected by this. I know someone working there, luckily she's alright.
  10. Powerage

    Live Music Suffers Rare Slump

    Planet Rock Last year I did 2 big festivals and cut back on the headline shows, but quite simply tickets are too expensive, and now with fuel prices in the UK being sky high, it's only getting to get worse unless Promoters start bringing down the prices.
  11. Powerage


    Hi folks, I am Rob from England. Most of the bands I like fall into the classic rock category, favourites are Status Quo, Oasis, Aerosmith, Van Halen [ w/David Lee Roth] and AC/DC. Just got back from seeing Iron Maiden! Found the site on google by searching for classic rock forums. Looking...

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