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  1. JudasPriestRocks

    Illegal Music Downloading

    Here is my take on this. I don't feel guilty about downloading music illegally, because I use it as a way to get access to bands and artists that I would never have got the chance to listen to otherwise. If I discover a band through downloading that I really like, then I will buy some of their...
  2. JudasPriestRocks

    Bret Michaels to have heart surgery on Monday Jan 24

    Likewise. Not a big Poison fan, but to have health problems, especially serious ones, really ****ing sucks.
  3. JudasPriestRocks

    Vinnie Vincent Invasion

    Not to be confused with music producer Bob Rock
  4. JudasPriestRocks

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Re: Iron Maiden BUT... having said that, I do respect the fact that they have the balls to play so much of their newer material.
  5. JudasPriestRocks

    Vinnie Vincent Invasion

    Seems like a good drummer... he hits 'em pretty ******* the VVI albums.
  6. JudasPriestRocks

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Re: Iron Maiden Yeah, LG. I hope they decide to continue because I am yet to see them live. I could see them live here in Australia next month, but... the set list for their current tour doesn't really do much for me. Way too many newer songs, not nearly enough of the classics. I'm sure it...
  7. JudasPriestRocks

    Vince Neil going to jail

    Yeah, I read a quote from Tommy Lee in an AC/DC book saying that they were going around backstage biting people at that Monsters of Rock festival, and Nikki Sixx walked up to Malcolm Young as if he was about to try and bite him as well, and Malcolm Young just looked at him and said "You ****ing...
  8. JudasPriestRocks

    what are some EPIC rock songs??

    Deep Purple - Highway Star Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name Black Sabbath - The Sign of the Southern Cross W.A.S.P. - Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) Rainbow - Stargazer Judas Priest - Victim of Changes Guns 'N' Roses - November Rain
  9. JudasPriestRocks

    Vinnie Vincent Invasion

    Thanks for the info. I will have to check out some of their stuff then, because I think Mark has a great voice. That's actually him lip-syncing over Robert Fleischman's vocals on the VVI "Boyz Are Gonna Rock" video. Fleischman must have exited the band very soon after completing the recording...
  10. JudasPriestRocks

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Re: Iron Maiden Yeah, I had seen it in an interview somewhere on the internet, probably a few months before the release of The Final Frontier. He mentioned that the Final Frontier could be (but he didn't say definitely would be) their last album. But, I can't find it now... and I just found a...
  11. JudasPriestRocks

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Re: Iron Maiden I seem to recall Steve Harris mentioning in an interview that he had planned to do 15 Iron Maiden albums right from the start, and with The Final Frontier being the 15th, that it would likely be the last. Don't get me wrong though, I hope they stick around a bit longer too, most...
  12. JudasPriestRocks

    Top 10 Metallica songs ( Black album and before it)

    In no particular order. Seek & Destroy Metal Militia Ride The Lightning Trapped Under Ice Creeping Death Battery Damage Inc. Blackened One The Shortest Straw Just threw that together quickly. Not really the biggest Metallica fan.
  13. JudasPriestRocks

    W.A.S.P. (Official Thread)

    Re: THE Official W.A.S.P. Great band... that live version of Hellion is awesome. Love Blackie's intro (part of it was cut out in this vid) - "Somewhere in southern California, a heavy metal child thunders down the highway. He is the man that doesn't die, he is the outlaw that rides, he is...
  14. JudasPriestRocks

    Vinnie Vincent Invasion

    Oh LOL I misread your post, I thought it said "I liked it better when Mark went solo with Dana". Cheers anyway, will give that song a listen.
  15. JudasPriestRocks

    Vinnie Vincent Invasion

    I've actually never listened to anything from Slaughter (the band). What's their best song?
  16. JudasPriestRocks

    Dokken - It's Not Love VS. Judas Priest - Don't Go

    Tough call. "Don't Go" is actually one of my least favourite Judas Priest songs, it just goes absolutely nowhere. It's an ok song but they are/were capable of so much more. "It's Not Love" is decent, but since I prefer Priest over Dokken by a considerable margin, "Don't Go" it is...
  17. JudasPriestRocks

    Vinnie Vincent Invasion

    Haha yep, I should have included that in my original post. Freakin' hilarious video.
  18. JudasPriestRocks

    Britny Fox!!!

    Yeah, I like this band. I've only checked out their first two albums so far, both of which are really good. "Girlschool" is an absolute rocker of a song. They also did a really cool cover of Nazareth's Hair of the Dog: LXdU_1CDBc4
  19. JudasPriestRocks

    Vinnie Vincent Invasion

    Couldn't see a thread about this band anywhere, so here goes... Discography 1986: Vinnie Vincent Invasion 1988: All Systems Go This band was formed after guitarist Vinnie Vincent was kicked out of Kiss around 1983. They were completely over the top with outrageous shred guitar...
  20. JudasPriestRocks

    Hi, cool forum!

    Alright, my name is all sorted out now, sorry for the confusion. Thanks eberg15101 and Lord Grendel. I noticed you even merged the posts from the other account I made onto this one - neat. Hey mate! I'm from Hobart, Tasmania. Cheers
  21. JudasPriestRocks

    Hi, cool forum!

    Argghhh, this name is too long and it stretches the page where the threads are...
  22. JudasPriestRocks

    Hi, cool forum!

    Okay this is gonna sound kinda dumb, but it's the creator of the thread here. I changed my mind about what I want my username to be. So I figured I'd get the name change out of the way before I spend any more time posting. Cheers
  23. JudasPriestRocks

    Hi, cool forum!

  24. JudasPriestRocks

    Best Replacement Vocalist

    Tough call between Johnson, Dio and Dickinson. All three bands produced some of their best work after those singers joined.

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