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  1. T_Dude

    RIP Lemmy

    RIP Legend :bow:
  2. T_Dude

    The Battle of Mastodon

    The Hunter for me.....Totally majestic album....
  3. T_Dude

    10 Genres of Metal in 3 Minutes

    :clap: That is quality!
  4. T_Dude

    The Black Keys (Official Thread)

    Re: The Black Keys! Just got their new album, really enjoying it;
  5. T_Dude

    Ronnie James Dio (Official Tribute Thread)

    Re: Official Ronnie James Dio tribute thread RIP Ronnie, a true legend.
  6. T_Dude

    Status Quo (Official Thread)

    Re: Status Quo I think this is correct (unfortunately). Despite releasing some excellent albums, I don't think the Quo have ever had the respect they deserve. For the record Forty Five Hundred Times is my favourite song of theirs. :grinthumb
  7. T_Dude

    Alice Cooper - Favorite Song From The 70's

    Re: Favorite Alice Cooper Song From The 70's Lol, yeah, probably should have gone there....:bonk:
  8. T_Dude

    Paradise Lost (Official Thread)

    Re: Paradise Lost I remember when Draconian Times came out, there was an expectation that they were gonna become a really big deal. Unfortunately that never happened, but glad that they're still putting out strong material. Draconian Times is still my favourite album of theirs....
  9. T_Dude

    Alice Cooper - Favorite Song From The 70's

    Re: Favorite Alice Cooper Song From The 70's The ones I voted for; Only Women Bleed Under My Wheels No More Mr. Nice Guy Billion Dollar Babies Hello Hooray Although my absolute favourite Alice Cooper song is Generation Landslide.
  10. T_Dude

    Celtic Frost (Official Thread)

    Re: Celtic Frost Love the Celtic Frost thread! I've really been getting into the Vanity/Nemesis album recently.
  11. T_Dude

    SAINT VITUS Frontman Says A New Record Is On The Way

    Thats pretty good news. WINO is a legend :grinthumb
  12. T_Dude

    Happy Birthday Zombeels!

    Happy Birthday :cheers:
  13. T_Dude

    Happy Birthday b.o.b

    Happy Birthday mate :cheers:
  14. T_Dude

    Time For Some METAL--general metal discussion thread

    :grinthumb Good shout with Melvins there FoxyPage! 2OJ8GSNC3zY What about some Slayer? oUDEOdEcBgE
  15. T_Dude

    Worst songs ever made

    ^^Lol, Sarah that is actually pretty funny! :heheh: This, however, makes me want to rip my ears off: l--UJwBFCV0&annotation_id=annotation_885388&feature=iv
  16. T_Dude

    AC/DC (Official Thread)

    Re: The Official AC/DC Thread AC/DC are so good, they can even get Arnie to dress like Angus Young and duck walk whilst playing guitar!! :ohyeah: U2KM-_zpCno
  17. T_Dude

    Best/Favorite Album Covers Poll

    Hopefully there now? It's Sepultura's Roots.
  18. T_Dude

    Best/Favorite Album Covers Poll

    3. 2. 1.
  19. T_Dude

    Best/Favorite Album Covers Poll

    Here's my ten; 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4.
  20. T_Dude

    AC/DC (Official Thread)

    Re: The Official AC/DC Thread :grinthumb LOVE AC/DC! They have, and always will be, in my top 3 favourite rock bands (the other 2 positions are probably inter-changeable lol). Riff Raff is a great song to cut loose to; WvqGxfgQH9I
  21. T_Dude

    Steel Panther - Feel the Steel (2009)

    Re: Steel Panther ~ Feel the Steel (2009) Party All Day with Justin Hawkins is brilliant!
  22. T_Dude

    The Cure (Official Thread)

    Re: The Cure! ^Probably my favourite of theirs, also really like seventeen seconds.
  23. T_Dude

    Suede (Official Thread)

    Re: (The London) Suede Nice to see some love for Suede :grinthumb I always like Animal Nitrate; i7mEB2wnDLQ
  24. T_Dude

    Most overrated rock artists of all time?

    Meatloaf! I just don't don't "get" him.....

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