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  1. Lynch

    EDDIE VAN HALEN Dead At 65

    Just saw this. Oh man, thss makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad. RIP Eddie! :rip: I honestly don't have the words.
  2. Lynch

    Iconic song battle! Lizzy vs. Aero

    Back in the Saddle crushes anything from Thin Lizzy in my book, including their "theme song".
  3. Lynch

    Heart - Dreamboat Annie or Bad Company - Straight Shooter?

    As much as I love Heart's debut album, I can't vote against Straight Shooter, which has the obvious radio hits, but one of my favorite "deep cuts" from Bad Co is Deal with the Preacher. Such a cool tune, both musically and vocally.
  4. Lynch

    KISS "Destroyer" song battle!

    Have to give the edge to Detroit Rock City, but not by a lot. Love both tracks and they are by far my two favorite tracks on this album
  5. Lynch

    Battle of the 80s monster albums Bon Jovi vs. Def Leppard

    love both albums and listen to both on a regular basis. Honestly, picking one over the other is very tough.
  6. Lynch

    Iconic album battle! Aerosmith vs. Foghat

    Rocks, by a ight year. It's not even close. I like a bunch of Foghat stuff, but the best of Foghat doesn't hold a candle to the worst of Aerosmith.
  7. Lynch

    1979 Was Fine!

    There are a number of elements in that song that REALLY remind me of Nazareth. Not a bad tune at all.
  8. Lynch

    Hair metal battle! Faster Pussycat vs. Vinnie Vincent

    Gave my vote to Vinnie. Bathroom Wall is a fun track by FP, but Boyz is a better song.
  9. Lynch

    Battle of the live albums

    Not a huge fan of either, but the live talkbox on Frampton's album gives it the lead for me. Do You Feel Like We Do is the highlight of the album. Amazing how that studio song that was just 'ok' turned into a beast of a live track. The same can be said for I Want You To Want Me. Ok-at-best...
  10. Lynch

    Motley Crue or W.A.S.P?

    Love both for very different reasons. Motley will always get my vote in this matchup, but that's no diss on WASP who are awesome
  11. Lynch

    80s rock battle! Priest vs Scorpions

    Love both, but Scorps gets my vote
  12. Lynch

    Hair metal battle! Crue vs. WASP

    Gotta go with Kickstart My Heart. However, Mean Man is an awesome song, one of my faves from WASP
  13. Lynch

    Van Halen song battle 4

    really like both, but Doctor has such cool guitar nuances to it.
  14. Lynch

    Iconic album battle! Priest vs. Purple

    Defenders by a long shot.
  15. Lynch

    Happy Birthday Tricky!

    Hey you! :bounce: :hfb Hope that you have a great day today (or had a great birthday weekend). I called up Robin and asked him to jump out of a cake for you, and he said something about being too old for that kind of ****. Or maybe it was that YOU are too old for that kind of ****. ;)...
  16. Lynch

    Happy Belated Birthday Zepfan

    Belated Happy Birthday! :cheers:
  17. Lynch

    Happy Birthday Frands

    Belated Happy Birthday! :cheers:
  18. Lynch

    Lynch Mob to release Wicked Sensation Reimagined in August

    I've been looking forward to this since it was first announced a few months ago. I will say, looking forward with a bit of 'hesitation'. This album does not need to be remade/reimagined/whatever. It's great the way that it is. The debut album from Lynch Mob (following the split of the...
  19. Lynch

    Who was Brian Jones?

    Very informative. Quick and to the point without a bunch of fluff. Thanks for sharing this.
  20. Lynch

    What Music DVD Are You Watching

    I just watched this ZZ Top documentary on Netflix last night. I was thoroughly entertained by it. Very cool to see the pictures and video footage from the late 60's and early 70's of these guys. I thought this film/documentary was done pretty well. Two thumbs up.
  21. Lynch

    Dennis DeYoung - "To The Good Old Days" with Julian Lennon (Official Audio)

    I thought that I had commented on this several months back. Hrmph. I think this is a pretty decent song. Julian is REALLY channeling his father in his voice, isn't he? I think that the haromies are pretty damn good. Would love to hear more from these two.
  22. Lynch

    What Are You Listening To? (videos only)

    Absolutely one of my favorite Halestorm tracks! :bow: Love everything about it. @Trickster - Have you heard the 'stripped' version? This woman's voice gives me goosebumps. Love her getting hard and raspy during the chorus! :bow: :bow:

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